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Crypto: A New Hope For The Unbanked?

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  • Crypto: A New Hope For The Unbanked?

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Crypto: A New Hope For The Unbanked?

By πd Piper


For most of us, having a bank account is as common as having a driver's license or cell phone number. It's taken for granted by most, and for some, it's a cultured security blanket. They wouldn't know where to put their money if they didn't have one.

For the unbanked of the world, they might have a cell phone, but a driver's license? Forget about it. And you can forget about that bank account, too!

Unbanked is defined as an individual with no access to the traditional banking system and modern-day financial services. They often lack a stable internet connection, and live in a community or developing country with little or no service. As a result, these individuals are effectively excluded from participating in the global economy.

Until cryptocurrency...

The mobility and accessibility of cryptocurrency is fundamentally changing the landscape of the global economy! It's knocking down the walls of limitations, scorching the frameworks of class society, and ignoring national boarders so that an ever increasing number of the global populace now has an opportunity to discover financial freedom for themselves.

It makes sense why countries like Venezuela and Kenya would be the first to see massive adoptions--the majority of their population fall into the unbanked or underbanked category.

It has not gone unnoticed by the governments of developing nations, either. El Salvador's government led the charge this year, by officially adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender alongside its fiat currency. And more and more governments are becoming part of this global shift.

Cryptocurrency, isn't just a fancy crazy or hobby for the wealthy. And it isn't just a financial vehicle for investors to park their hard-earned cash, either. It's more than that. It's an ideological disrupter, and it's disrupting the old systems designed to keep the status quo of societal class and wealth ownership.

The potential effect of cryptocurrency across the globe is nearly impossible to measure at this stage of its development, but every signpost along the way is hinting at a future freedom--a future hope for the banked AND the unbanked of the world.

The Gilded Carriage (Part 1)

by Carolyn Arnold

On a warm morning walk in August, 2020 in prayer, Yeshua brought me into a realm where I was on a familiar road in a territory in Colorado that is very meaningful to my heart. The name of this road is translated to mean “Royal”! I saw myself in a carriage which did not surprise me, because the name of my business is The Gilded Carriage which He had named several years earlier.

As I sat inside of this carriage I looked out and I saw Yeshua as the driver and there were two dapple gray horses that were leading the carriage. This also as well is very meaningful to me. Yeshua turned and looked back at me and smiled and in that smile I just knew that I was going to meet someone.

As I sat in the carriage and as I watched in my spirit in anticipation… I saw after a few moments, Melchizedek sitting across from me in white priestly garments. He was very radiant… beaming and his countenance was filled with love and he smiled hugely. He leaned over and took my hands and placed his over them.

I could not get away from the ring on his left hand… on the finger that one would wear a wedding ring. It was solid gold and in the center was a large gold nugget. As I gazed at his ring I had a sensing that there were others that were being invited into the carriage as well and I looked up and before me I saw the being Silver to left and Gold to his right! I just knew who they were. They, as well, sat beaming with a radiant garments and countenance with a big smile looking straight at me.

As I think back on this encounter I was taking it all in and I didn’t have time to think about “oh my gosh I cannot believe this is happening”… I just absorbed it and I just welcomed it. I did not understand at all but I was so grateful to Yeshua that He had invited me on the Royal Rd in a carriage let by 2 dappled gray horses  and introduced me to three most incredible beings. I knew this was going to lead to something more….

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