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Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Here’s how much money you’ll need to invest every month to retire with $1 million, $2 million or $3 million, broken down by age. "Investing about $300 per month can make you a millionaire if you begin in your 20s." Boston C! says that every time you invest $1 into Crypto, you need to imagine that dollar giving you $10 back and you just leave it in there for 120 months or 10 years! Not financial advice but Snoop the video to see the traditional way and invest in the Crypto way!

  • The Fed is helping facilitate trailer park evictions. Boston C! realizes more and more what a Ponzi scheme we have been living in for so long. I am so thankful for the Light's exposure of the corruption. I am loving the Chess game, seven moves to go and they know it's inevitable. Snoop around the trailer park for the scoop.

  • Edward Snowden says competing nations now under pressure to acquire Bitcoin following El Salvador. Boston C! never really knew what to make of Eddie Snow-dog! I just gave him a nickname on the fly if that's okay! Anyhow, so much has changed since he did his snow-dance back in the day. In fact, it feels like it snowballed from that point and we are now just witnessing the corruption. Nevertheless, take a snoopy loop around and read Mr. Snowden's quote.

On Tuesday September 7th we stepped into the new Hebraic year of 5782.

Gimel's Abundant and Limitless Supply!

by Mississippi Sound

Let's glimpse into each number the new Hebraic Year 5782 utilizing Troy Brewer's book Numbers That Preach: Understanding God's Mathematical Lingo. This book is worth so much more than a glimpse!

5 - Is a number representing the grace of God, favor, and over coming.  The Hebraic letter Hei, has the gematria of 5 The pictograph is a man with arms raised. Hei - In Hebrew, can mean to look, behold, and or reveal.
7 - Is a number representing perfection, rest and completion. The Hebraic letter Zayin, has the gematria of 7 and the pictograph is hoe or plow. Zayin - In Hebrew, it can mean cut, nourish, crown, weapon and or sword.
8 - Is a number representing new beginnings, new birth, new life, and resurrection. The Hebraic letter Chet, has the gematria of 8 and the pictograph of a tent or wall. Chet - In Hebrew, can mean life, wall, fence, divide and or separate.
2 - Is a number representing being set apart, union, duality. The Hebraic letter Beit, has the gematria of 2 and the pictograph of a house. Beit - In Hebrew, can mean house, tent, and or family.

Let yourself be lead by Holy Spirit to speak to you and reveal the prophetic meaning for this year. Then look again to see it as a financial and wealth prophetic meaning.

To me, I see: With our arms raised in praise to Yahweh we want to look and behold Him, then may He reveal to us his mysteries through His grace and favor so we may be overcomers. It is out of the rest that we can perfectly complete our scroll, after we have cut off that which doesn't look like Yeshua, and learn how to wield our sword. The old is gone, and the new is a birthing of new life that leads to resurrection in Him. It separates who we were from who we will become in him. We will live in a new house, with new beings, and become a relational family not only on earth but also in the kingdom. It's a shaking that takes place for a new awakening. The new things revealed brings new revelation. We become overcomers in a way never done before--out of complete rest. We overcome through grace and favor as we set ourselves apart.  

Cryptocabulary: Mainnet

by πd Piper

If you have ever tried to purchase a token built upon any other coin other than Bitcoin or Ethereum, you’ve probably discovered this word when going through the steps to set up a digital wallet, like Metamask, to accept your new token. A mainnet, or main network, is a blockchain running independently on its own network, technology, and protocol. The term used to describe when a blockchain protocol is fully developed and deployed, meaning that cryptocurrency transactions are being broadcasted, verified, and recorded on a distributed ledger technology.

Bitcoin and Ethereum have their own mainnets, as do Binance, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, and whole slew of other altcoins. Most crypto wallets come with Bitcoin or Ethereum mainnets already baked in, but for anything else, you are going to have to set up the mainnet configuration in order for your wallet to interface with the protocols of a given blockchain. (Here's a how-to for Metamask.)

All tokens are built upon a specific mainnet. Meaning, they use the technology to create and the protocols to operate on a that mainnet. An example of this are the tokens created by EpheONE. All their tokens are built up the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain—specifically BEP-20 standard.

As the world of cryptocurrency expands, more and more blockchain startups will come on the scene creating wonderful opportunities for the adventurous to get in on the ground floor on some new projects. But the real tech giants of the future will be the those startups who are able bridge the gaps between the numerous mainnets that exist in the current crypto global ecosystem.

NFTs: Why are they selling for Millions?

by The Golden Noodle

Why are punks, bored apes, and CryptoKitties selling at art gallery prices? Why is Christie's suddenly eager to sell punks, apes and meebits? Cryptopunk #7804, the pipe smoking alien above left sold for 7.57 million (4.200 ETH) in March of this year. And is even more valuable at the time of this post. Currently owned by an anonymous investor known on Twitter as "Peruggia." Namesake of the thief made famous for stealing the Mona Lisa. Some even calling #7804 the modern-day Mona Lisa.

Why? What makes a few pixels worth more than a beach house or a parking lot full of Lamborghini's rented by flexing YouTubers? Yes, it's novel technology, but not brand new. #7804 was last purchased in 2018 for $14,988 from the original owner who claimed it in June of 2017. A calculator smoking increase.

And it's not alone. The entire NFT market has exploded this year with sales passing 2 billion in the first quarter on alone compared to 250 million total across all platforms in 2020. And it's not showing any sign of slowing with around $10-20 million sold each week.

William M. Peaster of Metaversal for Bankless has a theory. He states that we have an "outdated interpretation of the value of things based on exchange and utility". That sign value, a theory pioneered by the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, is in part responsible for the dramatic increase in the value of NFTs. 

"A “sign” socially signifies something in a system of differences, for example a Lamborghini signifies wealth compared to a junk car, a CryptoPunk signifies superior prestige and style in the Ethereum community compared to other collectibles, etc... It’s no longer adequate to evaluate commodities, including NFTs, through a strictly economic lens. Cultural interpretation is a must, too. The way to more fully understand things is to understand them in their social contexts."

He calls out flabbergasted "right-click savers" for missing the point entirely on why NFTs have become such immense stores of value. The image itself is of little to no value, where the sign value of the NFT is of incredible value to the society from which it came. Baudrillard even said "folks could pursue sovereignty" through an economy of “expenditure, giving, sacrifice, and destruction to escape determination by existing imperatives of utility.”

NFTs are more than just apes with attention disorders or aliens with rare tastes in accessories. Today they are immerging as the standards of the bearers in a call for sovereignty. A new economy breaking free from the corrupted corpse of the fiat system. A valuable sign that things will never be the same and there's no looking back. 

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