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Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Welcome To The Central Bank Hotel, Once Inside You Can Never Leave: "Central bank digital currencies are on the way. The German Central Bank just embraced a digital euro. Let's discuss the risks..." Tribe, Boston C! sees two economies in the future. Centralized and De-Centralized! Remember we are Lords of all and rule over signs, seasons, days and years! Take a snoopy look about what's around the corner.

  • The Importance Of Dune, Part 1: The Sleeper Has Awakened: "There are few things I’m more looking forward to than the first of two films by Denis Villeneuve bringing to life Frank Herbert’s classic science-fiction novel Dune. And it isn’t just because I’m a big fan of the book, which is an intricately-plotted treatise on religion, gender, power and politics, but because its ideas are perfected suited for this period of history." Quote by Tom Lounge. Boston C! loves the movies, and the way interesting movies vibrate my frequency as an Energy Being! Grab some popcorn and a soda, and enjoy how this movie speaks to us! Snoop the show is my suggestion. 

  • How We Know Bitcoin Is A Force For Good"There are the two main types of digital money that will co-exist in the future." Boston C! has been saying this over again about two different economies and their different payment-rail paths. This is a good snoopy read.

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

What is money? Let's look at money from Pastor Martin Powell's very informative book, Money Matters: in My Kingdom and how he describes What is Money!

 "From Genesis we see that the word translated as "money" is pronounced  keceph, which means "silver." In conjunction with the word for silver or gold, we have the words gerahs, sheckels, and talents, which were used as measurements of weight, thus giving an exact measurement of worth. The money could be a shekel of silver or a shekel of gold, etc. The value was in the amount of gold or silver that was used to make the coin. We see, then, that with accurate measurements, of weight and value, goods and services could be bought and sold for these coins, thereby providing a commercial standard to work with."

"As civilization advanced, the value of money changed from the value of the coins themselves to paper money and metal coins themselves to paper money and metal coins, with the value being shown as a promise from the issuing body."

"Currency from Western countries, such as U.S. dollars and UK pounds sterling don't change a great deal in value unless economic conditions warrant such changes. However, currencies from third-world countries and countries at war can fluctuate greatly. These currencies can even end up with no value at all! This is because the value of these currencies is in the power and promises behind them." 

"In this time we are seeing the representation of the power invested in money being registered more and more in electronic form. Money is moved from one account to another electronically through computers. Often, physical money is not exchanged, because goods are paid for electronically through credit cards." 

"Even so, the money still represents the power that is behind it. This is true whether it is held in pounds sterling, U.S. dollars, or any other standard."

"If there is a complete financial collapse these currencies and the power behind them could be worth nothing. They would only be worth the paper they are written on. It is well worth having a proportion of your financial worth in hard assets like gold and silver." 

P.S. - Martin Powell will be a guest speaker on ATSTT zoom meeting very soon! Blessings!

Cryptocabulary: FUD

by πd Piper

FUD is an acronym that’s been circling around the crypto forums this year, and it describes the general attitude and actions of spreading negative, misleading, or false information—specifically as it relates to people’s perceptions of cryptocurrencies.

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. Those who are inclined and communicate in this way are referred to as a FUDster.

It all started with Bitcoin's reputation as the currency of choice for drug traffickers, money launderers, and tax cheats malware ransomists. Those who seem to perpetually dog all things crypto with criticism continue to build upon that foundation and are often the loudest naysayers when the cryptocurrency market is temporarily bearish.

The opposite of a FUDster is a laser-eyed Bitcoin advocate or diamond handed HODLers—those who see the dips as another opportunity to ride on the next wave up! 

Often what is at play here is a war of information or misinformation—one side playing against and dismissing the other side. One decrying that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are valueless, enabling crime and cyberattacks, while the other is declaring that such arguments as debunked, inconsequential, or downright propaganda from government entities. It quickly becomes a sucking vortex muddy, bloody diatribes.

For those who live above the sun, FUD shouldn't be part of normal discourse, because fear, uncertainty and doubt aren’t worthy commodities to be traded in. My apologies for the language, but in cryptocurrency, they would be considered shitcoin. With FUD, one thing is for certain: you’ll lose your shalom and a lot more if you’re caught trading in it.

One of surest ways to avoid these traps and snares of FUDsters is to align your desires and intentions with Phil. 4:8, or what I fondly refers to as Protocol 48 (P48). The eight filters of P48 aren’t the rose-colored glasses worn by those who survive off the hopiods of the world. P48 filters out the disruption and distraction, and give the eyes of the heart the greatest clarity to see the world through Heaven’s vantage point.

BTW, the opposite of FUD is LAT: Love, assurance, and truth. And these ARE highly valued, and are widely traded above the sun.

"Live Above The Sun!"


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