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Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Smarter In-Car Cameras Can Detect Every Dumb Thing You're Doing While Driving: "Instead of just monitoring for fatigue, this advanced camera system even knows when you're on the phone or texting while behind the wheel." Boston C! says to the Tribe, "Yahweh sees everything we are doing under the sun right? Technology is doing the same thing. What ever you look at, you become right?" So what are you looking at? Take a brief snoopy loop read.

  • Inflation Is Killing The Recovery: "Keynesian policies always destroy what they pretend to protect. In this case, middle classes, real wages, and small businesses are being wiped out by the inflation tax and the increase in other taxes, as governments reap the benefit of inflationary policies increasing the size of the public sector on the way in, deficits and QE, and on the way out, inflation and taxes."

  • Biden Pushing For Dishonorable Discharges, Court Marital For Troops Who Refuse Vaccines: "The Biden administration is pushing for dishonorable discharge and even court martialing for troops who disobey orders to get COVID vaccines." Boston C! declares every corrupt political leader in this country and all around the world as already judged and found wanting. Prepare to meet your consequences. As a Lord of all, I release the Rod of Iron and dash all of their affairs into pieces. Snoop the read and get in the game. I believe Yeshua said He came to destroy the works of "The Liar"! 

  • Banks Oppose Biden’s New Proposal on IRS Reporting: "A trade group calls the attempt an ‘overreach,’ saying it would make U.S. banks ‘police force for the IRS." Boston C! desires that Central Banks and the IRS vanish into the smoke! Can you imagine it with me? Snoop around and check out the read!

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

I know you have heard me say before that our words matter, that our words are frequencies. Well, not only do our words matter but so does money and prosperity.

In Psalms 35:27 In my paraphrase, it speaks about how frequency is released in joy and gladness when it is shouted. Because we favor Yahweh's righteousness and we continually say Lord be magnified, then he has pleasure in our prospering. We were created to prosper abundantly! This is an " Above The Sun" abundance! 

It reads in John 3:1,2 " Beloved, I wish above at thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth." In 2 Timothy 3:16 it reads "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness." Timothy lets us know that the words John spoke are for us as well. In this amazing book I am currently reading, Money Matters: in My Kingdom, by Pastor Martin Powell he sums it up like this, "God is like any other father. He wants his children to prosper physically in proportion to the prosperity of their souls. God does not give prosperity to spiritual babies, but He does so as they mature spiritually. God has set it in order that our souls must prosper first, and then we prosper physically in proportion to the prosperity that is experienced by our souls." 

It is important for Yahweh's children to mature so we may live in abundance. We need to be kingdom minded, so we may mature and bless the Kingdom of God. This is not so we can be greedy, or to be able to afford more expensive things, but we are to have an abundance to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to the earth and grow that kingdom. We could then become a storehouse for those that are in need like Joseph in the Bible. When we have an abundance we don't have to operate in the dark corruption but we can operate out of the righteous real to be the light that dispels the darkness. It will be great to have kingdom businesses, government, media, and banking, etc. all round us and be in unity and to support one another.

We must move step by step with Yahweh and keep our eyes on him so we don't fall into greed and not be blessed, but we mush also step into the abundance so we don't remain in lack or have a poverty mindset. We must create new brain pathway mindsets so we can live out our scrolls. It reads in Proverbs 28:20 "that the faithful person will have an abundance of blessings..." Although, as it has been stated, we can't have an abundance that is more than we are mature enough to steward. This is where we must be content with what we have and give ourselves time to mature or it could turn into the love of money which is out of the wrong frequency.

He who is faithful has promised he is always with us!  Hebrews 13:5 reads, "Keep your life free from the love of money. Be satisfied with what you have, for he himself has said, I will never leave you or abandon you." Our first love must be Yahweh and He has to be our mindset. We must always seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness then we will be able to prosper and advance in the Kingdom.   Blessings!

Cryptocabulary: Metaverse

by πd Piper

If you've every watched the movie “Ready Player One” Or “Ralph Breaks the Internet”, then you already familiar with the concept of Metaverse, even if you’ve never heard of the word before.

These movies, along with similarly themed flicks that have come out over the past decade, exemplify the concepts and ideas of a Metaverse: an alternate version of reality existing within a digital framework.

The concept derives from the word "meta" which means "beyond", and "universe" which refers to all existing matter and space. So the term, "metaverse", so to speak, goes beyond all that is visible and known to exist.

There are many metaverses out there, but they all share the some or all of the following characteristics: 

  • Persistence: constantly growing and evolving environment

  • Real time: user experience their digital world in real time

  • Economy: a native blockchain-based currency for buying and selling goods and services for use within the metaverse.

  • Physical bridge: a link between the digital world and the physical, such as geographical coordinates.

  • Open Content: users are part of the creation process to grow and expand the metaverse.

Among the more established metaverses out there is Decentraland. It claims to be the first fully decentralized world controlled via the DAO, and includes varies games and gambling, marketplaces and more.

Another example is Upland, which is a metaverse mirroring the real world. You can buy sell and trade virtual properties mapped to real addresses. You can even earn UPX coin, their virtual currency, or U.S. dollars by selling your NFT properties. 

 In the Somnium Space, you interact with other users in a virtual reality (VR) environment. Like Upland, you can buy and sell NFT properties and other goods and services, like avatars and “wearables"—skin or clothes for user-owned avatars, and even build your dream home. All of which is owned by the user, and verified on the Ethereum blockchain.

The concept of metaverse is gaining in popularity, and it is uncertain just where it will it go and how expansive it will become—becoming a multiverse of the imagination. But one thing is for certain, the line between physical and virtual realities will continue to blur as adoption increases among the big tech companies and the consumers who patron them. 

The big question for those the Above The Sun community is: What is our part in this? How do we engage with the emerging technologies of the metaverse and the new realities that are being created?

What do you think?

"Live Above The Sun!"


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