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Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Ethair Market Is Taking on Amazon and eBay in a Move to Revolutionize the World of E- Commerce: We discussed this on the Trading Tables. If you missed it, take a Snoopy loop around, as this is where we are headed.
  • Most expensive home in America defaults on $165 million in debt, heads for sale: "A Los Angeles megamansion once expected to list for $500 million has gone into receivership after the owner defaulted on more than $165 million in loans and debt, according to court filings. The 105,000-square-foot Bel Air estate, known as “The One,” was placed into receivership and is expected to be relisted at a lower price." Boston C! says, "The One" actually Lives Above The Sun and not in your House bro! Snoopy doopy doo! Check out the short read.
  • My University Sacrificed Ideas for Ideology. So Today I Quit.: "Peter Boghossian has taught philosophy at Portland State University for the past decade. In the letter below, sent this morning to the university’s provost, he explains why he is resigning." "At first, I didn’t realize how systemic this was and I believed I could question this new culture. So I began asking questions." and there you have it Tribe! Snoop it up! It's an encouraging read.

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

Last week we began the New Year 5782. We move from the Feast of Trumpets and on the tenth day of Tishri and we enter the most holiest day called "Yom Kippur". The high holy day of the Jewish festivals are also called the day of atonement. It begins Wednesday Sept.15th before sundown and ends the evening of Thursday Sept 16. When we break down the word Yom Kippur you see: Yom means day in Hebrew, and Kippur means to atone.

Chuck Pierce said in an email, "Most of us reflect over past sins and things that would keep us from crossing over during Passover time, but the Lord chose this day "Yom Kippur" to recognize His power of atonement for our sins. He came so you could be free. All of us need to understand the importance of this day. We are not under the law of the Feasts. God’s people operate in the fulfillment of these Feast times. We are a people that should move in forgiveness and release restoration throughout the entire year ahead. We should be a people filled with compassion. Compassion leads us to miracles and healings. I think He chose this day since we are entering a new year. He wants us to be totally free so we can receive all of the blessings of the year ahead. Let’s ask the Lord to set us in His perfect order as we enter this year. Yom Kippur is about recognizing our atonement. We are living in times to examine ourselves, seek repentance, and make restitution. Kippur is linked with the word redemption.  Success occurs when we are centered in God’s redemptive plan for our lives."

What do you say to someone during Yom Kippur? "The traditional greeting for someone observing Yom Kippur is "g'mar chatima tova". The Hebrew phrase wishes the person's fate be sealed in the book of life. It's the belief that God seals people's fate for the coming year on Yom Kippur, having written it on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. You can also tell someone observing Yom Kippur to "have an easy fast"

It’s Customary to Wear White: "It is tradition for everyone to wear white clothing on Yom Kippur. The men often wear a Kittel—a white, robe-like garment—on Yom Kippur. It is said to resemble angels, the high priest’s garment, and burial shroud. White reminds them that they are to be like the angels, praising God. White also symbolizes the forgiveness and spiritual cleansing they’re praying for, and that life on earth is temporal. White is worn with a humble awareness of one’s need to repent sins and pray to God for forgiveness. They pray in hope, remembering how God forgave the children of Israel for their sin of idolatry during the days of Moses."

Can you eat or drink water on Yom Kippur? "Jews fasting during Yom Kippur traditionally go without food or drink, even water. However, exceptions are made for children and those who could jeopardize their health by fasting." The above link also has other things that Jews traditionally abstain from during Yom Kippur, along with other informative information.

I hope this sparks an interest for you to dig deeper in the Jewish Feast. Blessings!

Cryptocabulary: Permissionless

by πd Piper

One of the main benefits, and the underlying reason why cryptocurrency is universally accessible is because it is said to be permissionless. So what is permissionless?

“A system is said to be permissionless when it has no so-called 'gatekeepers.' In the case of blockchains, we can say that Bitcoin is permissionless since no entity can forbid anybody else from using it or limiting its use for any purpose."

Where there are no gatekeepers, there is no one to keep people or things from coming and going through the gate. With blockchain, the only limiting factor, you might say is the blockchain protocol itself. It is the internal mechanism that determines access and use.

Beyond that, there is no one group or person to stop anyone from using in any way they want. This mean that neither governments or banking systems can prohibit people like dissidents or blacklisted groups (and yes even criminals) deny access to the blockchain.

The beauty of permissionless systems is that doesn’t discriminate or censor on any basis.

Not all blockchains are alike, however. Some permissioned blockchains are proprietary in their use, and have very narrow case-uses. These often require participant to become members of a closed network.

101 Blockchains has a great infographic that breaks down the differences between permissioned and permissionless.

In general, permissionless networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum, share a basic consensus: everyone has equal access and opportunity to use it.

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