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Advancing in The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution:

  • In a previous post, we talked about the 4th Industrial Revolution, accessing and building upon the digital technology from the previous revolution.
  • Let’s add to that, and think about how this revolution will also bring a new Money Revolution

Questions to think about:

  • Where is this Fourth Industrial Revolution headed?
  • What will be replaced and what will shift?
  • How will our money, banks, investments, and wallets change? 

While there are many answers, let's look at a few possibilities:

  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is headed into many new dimensions for opportunity in transference of wealth and power.
  • It gives and shifts hope to the Monetary System by the above-the-sun perspectives. It shifts the transference of wealth and power to the Sons of Yahweh. It replaces the light into the darkness.
  • Through digital assets, and new investment opportunities money as we know it will change. We have the opportunity to be our own bank and investors with no Central Banks, fees or middlemen. We can invest and have ? X’s your investment purchase multiplied with greater value than the Fiat Dollar and Central Banks.

We may need to shift and embrace these new revolutions so we can unlock our imagination. We need also to be intentional about this shift so we can have a transference of wealth and power. This will lead us to an open concept of fresh energy of creativity that can flow from above-the-sun. It will allow this new revolution to have an impact with new heavenly perspectives.

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