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Announcing Trading Tables LIVE!

Above The Sun Trading Tables is excited to finally launch our weekly Zoom sessions starting June 9th!

What is Trading Tables LIVE?

After a month of finalizing and tweaking the platform, we are ready! And we're calling it Trading Tables LIVE 'cause...well...

It's LIVE--real-time, and it's face2face interactions with the whole team, special guests, and other exciting you! It's an hour packed full of friends, fun, and...well, food for the brain and soul, of course. Best of all, it's free access for all ATSTT members. Just head on over to the ATSTT Discord community to get more information and access details.

Not on Discord? 

If you haven't joined our Discord Community, no worries. We'll be sending out access details a couple of days prior to the live session. But why the heck aren't you?! You're missing out on some awesome conversation and insight, my friend--plus other great member exclusive content! JOIN NOW, and check it out! 

Want to get access, but not an ATSTT Member yet?

There's still time get in on the action! Membership is only $10/mo. ($100/year) and you can gain access to all of our Trading Tables LIVE streams and recorded sessions. Also included, is access to our ATSTT Discord Community, where you get to "shoot the breeze", "chew the cud", or whatever it is you call talking to a lot of great people about really great stuff, like crypto, precious metals, real-estate, entrepreneurship.  Plus there is so much more on the way...we can't wait to tell you! Click the link below, and join today, and...

See you at the Table!


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