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Time Is Not A Line, Quantum Entanglements, and more... (a correction to our previous post)

We made an oops! We sent out todays post prematurely by accident, missing a bit of content, we might add. Please enjoy the rest of our weekly content below...and BTW, Happy Easter!

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Gimel's Gate

What are our daily Quantum Entanglements. Be looking for those that are wrote on your scrolls that you are meant to entangle with throughout your day. I try to be closely aware of my Quantum Entanglement assignments. You may find them at work, in a store, at the gym, and in many other places. Businesses can have Quantum Entanglement assignments as well. We are meant to entangle in unity and grow each others businesses and in our personal lives so the Kingdom of God can come to earth.

Nina Hayden has an interesting post about Quantum Entanglement.

Physicists say Quantum Entanglement is when two or more particles link up in a certain way, no matter how far apart they are in space, their states remain linked. That means they share a “common unified quantum state.” So observations of one of the particles can automatically provide information about the other entangled particles, regardless of the distance between them. And, any action to one of these particles will invariably impact the others in the entangled system.

Well, We know the desire of Love IS…We are to be United as One even as The Trinity is One, that we may Be One in Them as They are One in Us. We also understand what One of us does Affects the Other so we should Love one another as We would want to be Loved. We are Quantumly Entangled. Everything We Do Impacts each other, the World and The Realm of Creation.

Therefore, the Higher YOUR Frequency, the Brighter WE ALL SHINE!

Nina can be found at be sure to check out her website!


Time Is Not A Line

By πdPiper

 Time is not a dot on a line. It is not the line. It is not linear at all. It is a fractal dimension. A fractal curve. But what is a fractal, you may ask? It is an irregular structure of repeating patterns of similarly irregular, but progressively smaller, dimensions. Here’s an example: the Mandelbrot Set.

Mankind didn’t always think of time as a linear idea. Many ancient cultures saw time as an endless circle-a repeating cycle. As a matter of, a repeating of cycles within cycles, within cycles, etc. The idea of time being unwound over a never-ending, non-repeating line has always been a construct of the western culture.

So why did it change? The answer lies in the question: how did it change? The answer to the how is: Language. “A language is always closely connected to the culture of the people using that language. This is not only true for different languages, but for different cultures using the same language. We can never assume people from one culture will always understand a people from another culture in the same way.” (The Culture of the Hebrew Language 

Like the Hebrew culture, the Hopi Indians of North America, do not have same perspective of time as we do in the West. If you look at their language, you will find no use past, present and future tenses. Just two tenses exist: one for a complete action and another for an incomplete action.

For a person speaking the Hopi language, time is view quite different then average western speaking person. But what happens when you require that Hopi-speaking individual to adopt an western language—like or example, in the 1800’s, when the United States government force the Native Americans to adopt English language? What happens, as it did for the Hopi, is that the original cultural perspectives are lost and replaced with modern western perspectives.

In this case, the idea of time being of circular, or cyclical, was replaced with a linear construct, or timeline.

In short, western culture disconnected itself from ancient understandings of time by forcing a change of language, and the circular ideas and frameworks were lost to generations and generations of people, forcing them to live on a timeline because their language trapped them there.

What is more, the way back is shut, can you depart from a construct of thoughts and ideas when there is no language to support an exit? Or, how can you decode a cipher when the key is missing a number? No matter how hard your efforts may be, you will never arrive at your desired end. (By the way, this is why I no longer spend much time in western translations of the bible any more.)

Time is not Linear. It is Fractal. But as long as we continue to use a linear language, we never be able to understand the beauty of circular time and it’s fractal nature, let alone experience the freedom of the living moment, or what I call the Now.

The Switch Gene

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on "Switch On Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf)

The Switch Gene - We choose to switch this gene on with our thoughts. Our thoughts is the Signal spoken of previously. Information in the form of electromagnetic and chemical signals moves towards the front part of the brain. It becomes amplified and highly active stimulating the release of special proteins inside the cell. Turning on the gene acts like a light switch that we choose to switch on or off by our thoughts. Genetic expression is activated (making of proteins). We grow protein branches that hold our memories and thoughts. When we choose to switch on the gene because of our thoughts that we allow to permeate our brains, protein synthesis happens and a new branch grows and makes a connection at a synapse to other branches. Good to know. Up and away!

"Live Above The Sun!"


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