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(Commentaries and musings by Boston C! Curated and inspired by Greg Hunter's USA Watchdog article.)

"Geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner made a huge call at the end of January 2020. Nenner said, “I am more worried about the market going down 40% than making 5% more on the upside.” The market topped a few weeks later (2% higher) and then plunged 38% for the next several weeks. Spot on call."

Boston C! always appreciates a good financial contrarian call and counter narrative. I say, listening to the frequency of your intuition, or rather the brain in your gut, is the path for keen sagacious finance.


"What’s Nenner seeing now? Nenner says, “ I have a chart going back to the 1900’s, and if you connect all the tops, the tops of 1929, top in the 1960’s, 1987,...we are up to the trend line again..."

"It seems very, very unusual to break a trend line that dates back for 100 years. So, risk is very high...We have the same thing as before. People are more afraid to miss 4% on the upside than 50% on the downside. That’s human nature.”

The big idea here is, Boston C! doesn't give greed or fear the opportunity of recurring thought.

I've learned to think about investing for the long-term, buy the dips from the right asset classes, and tune out all the noise. We know something different is coming, and we all feel the financial negative energy. It's about bringing positive financial energy, and creating your own atmosphere of opportunity. Are you half-full or half-empty of money? Attitude equals altitude. So perspective matters!

Pursue money thinking skills--especially Above The Sun money thinking skills; where you are on-top of and not below all of your good, and not so good financial situations and circumstances. Start by asking yourself money questions and then, desire real money answers!

Not financial advice, but I'm trading into relationships, buying silver, gold and cryptos!

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