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  • Gimel's Gate: The Month of Shevat

  • ATSTT Team's Top 10 Crypto Tools They like to Use

  • ATS Scoops: The New Modified-Divisive-Free Bible

Gimel's Gate: The Month of Shevat

By: Mississippi Sound

Shevat started on January 6th and goes through February 1st. It is the eleventh month on the Jewish calendar with Nissan being the first month. It is known as 'The New Year for Trees.' On this day the sap begins to rise in the fruit trees in Israel representing the start of a new growing season. If you remember, man is a 'Tree of the field' and also 'Trees of righteousness.' Shevat is the month of new beginnings for the new year for trees. It looks as if nothing is happening on the surface during this new season, but it is a spiritual shift of preparation for the upcoming fruitful season to take place.

"We should consider putting the old season behind us and be focusing on the new in this month and use it as a stepping stone to the next place in our lives. Does this speak to anyone? It sure speaks to me! I know I have a season of shifting coming, and I will be stepping into a new season. I must consider Wisdom and let her reveal to me the direction for this new shift. The unknown can't keep us from moving forward. We use no fear and use Wisdom and Council to guide us on our new journey and we make sure not to go alone." We can't be afraid of new places and new beginnings that don't look like what we think it should look like. All of these quotes and inspirations are from Del Hungerford's book Healing in the Hebrew Months. In describing this new month, she has nailed my current shift and journey for my future.

Looking at another angle, let's check out Chuck Pierce's book A Time to Advance. He adds, "how righteousness needs to become your foundation and also look at this month to see how your olive tree will blossom. It's a time to connect with our trees and see what trees are in our field and just who has planted in our fields. Are they bearing fruit in this month of the new year of trees?"

"The Hebrew letter for this month is Tzadik which symbolizes the 'righteous one.' Our righteousness must become our foundation. Chuck also acknowledges that this month what we taste and meditate on will produce the life or nourishment for our future."


  1. CoinMarketCap: Use CoinMarketCap to track market cap rankings and charts as well as coin prices and available supply along with trading volumes and total Crypto market caps.

  2. Coinbase Pro: Use Coinbase Pro as a trading platform that allows for buy/sell limit orders in advance. It also allows for managing multiple trading portfolios.

  3. MetaMask: Use MetaMask as a cryptocurrency wallet and a bridge to decentralized applications. One of the most popular and accepted digital wallets in the Web3 space.

  4. Barchart: Gives historical and potential support and resistance data.  Where the key lows and highs were and at what point in the future those lows and highs are broken.  To determine if it's in an uptrend or downtrend, and the entry and exit points.

  5. Etherscan: Tracking transactions on the blockchain.  I can track transactions to and from my MetaMask wallet. There are others as well like

  6. Discord: Use it to engage with the community of a coin you are holding. Just about every degen (decentralized generation) project is on Discord these days. It's a great way to learn the crypto culture and lingo, keep a pulse on the communities, and get an inside scoop on the latest NFT drops or DeFi opportunities. There's a lot going on! Just be careful: they can be pretty crazy and fun, but this is not your average social media environment.

  7. Cryptocurrency Converter Calculator: Use it to find out value ratios between crypto coins and fiat currencies. (Hint: for coins not in the dropdown, type the exchange designation in the text field.)

  8. Presearch: As a search engine, it’s more than a crypto tool, but being a blockchain-based search engine, Presearch makes it easier to do coin or token research—especially for those odd or unheard-of coins, and they provide links to several other crypto tools on their main search screen. Plus, you can earn coin for each and every keyword search you do!

  9. CoinStats: Use it to manage and track your crypto portfolio. It allows you to connect multiple wallets to track all of your assets performance at once. Beside the website, they also have mobile apps and browser extensions for easy use and accessibility.

  10. Bankless Newsletter: One of the best crypto newsletters out there. They’re always on top of the new stuff and providing on-ramps for beginners. The newsletter is free, but the added value of the paid subscription is worth the cost.

  • The New Modified-Divisive-Free Bible: Nothing is Sacred Any Longer - "We live in an age where everything is being modified and changed to adapt and prepare the way for the revelation of the Anti-Christ. This past October, the National Council of Churches (NCC) elected all "female" officers to steer the church toward "inclusiveness" at this pivotal time in history authorized bible with 20,000 acknowledged edits that will modify key biblical scriptures."

  • Foundry of Evil: How You are Being Modified Right Now! - "Everything that I have been speaking about for the last two, almost three years, just converged into a very clear picture. I had pieces of the puzzle but not the whole puzzle or playbook. I now have at least a portion of the playbook."

  • 30 Years in America - " I’ll share a story from my good friend Vitaliy Katsenelson. He immigrated to the US with his family from Russia over 30 years ago. I’ve always been fascinated by this story when we get together. All he knew of America came from movies and propaganda, which wasn’t altogether flattering."

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