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Bitcoin was Used In A Crime...Blah, blah, blah...

Bitcoin no bueno!

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(Paraphrase, commentary and musings from Boston C! Authorship unknown)

"Hey, Marg! That takin' donkey-head is back on the front lawn again! Can ya believe it"

Money Fraud Fun Facts

  • Fraudulent activity involving plastic cards reached $27b in 2018, doubling what they were just five years earlier. The numbers have gone up since.

  • There is a specific type of wire fraud that uses scam emails. According to the FBI, over $25b was stolen in a 3 year span using this method alone.

  • Hackers once used SWIFT messaging to steal over $100m from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Most of the money was never recovered, despite being sent through the regulated banking system.

  • Back when people wrote checks, check fraud was fairly common. There’s a great movie starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio about this. (Boston C! highly recommends it!)

  • The Colonial Pipeline hack involved a ransom payment of $5m. The Bitcoin blockchain has been settling over $10b per day in the month of May. The ransom payment represented .05% of one day’s volume.

  • There is over 2 trillion dollars worth of physical bills in circulation. Estimates that a third of that cash is involved in drug deals or tax evasion. That’s over $600b in illicit activity, or the annual GDP of Switzerland.

  • The Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis estimates that the percentage of Bitcoin that was involved in illicit activity in 2020 was also one third — but one third of one percent.

That’s $10b pal!

Global financial institutions paid more than $10b in money laundering related fines in 2020 alone. The U.N. estimates that $1.6 trillion per year is involved in money laundering. That’s more than double the total value of all Bitcoins in existence.

The big idea: crypto is definitely used in criminal activity. Blah blah blah, so is everything else. Boston C! suggests taking 200mg of get over it!

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