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What is a Metaverse, Again?

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What is A Metaverse, Again?

By πd Piper

Back in September I wrote about metaverses: what they are, how they work, etc. But with the advent of Facebook changing its name to Meta and throwing its entire global social media dominance at becoming a metaverse giant on the Internet, It’s probably a good time to take a look again at what exactly a metaverse is. (And no, Meta isn’t THE metaverse. It is A metaverse, among hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other metaverse.)

The concept derives from “meta” which means “beyond” and “universe” which refers to all existing matter and space. So the term, “metaverse”, so to speak, goes beyond all that is visible and known to exist.

Facebook isn’t the first kid on the block to build a metaverse. They just have a larger audience, most of whom are clueless about the concept. Those who are familiar to the crypto culture understand the terminology and can already point to example in the blockchain world.

(By the way, check out this fun promo video Discord put out this fall. It pretty much captures the heart and feel of what a metaverse can be like.)

There are many metaverses out there (Decentraland, Upland, Somnium Space), but they all share the some or all of these characteristics:

  • Persistence: constantly growing and evolving environment

  • Real time: users experience their digital world in real time

  • Economy: a native blockchain-based currency for buying and selling goods and services for use within the metaverse.

  • Physical bridge: a link between the digital world and the physical, such as geographical coordinates.

  • Open Content: users are part of the creation process to grow and expand the metaverse.

The concept of metaverse is obviously a topic more people are talking about thanks to Facebook. It is uncertain just where it will it go, but one thing is for certain, the line between physical and virtual realities will continue to blur as adoption increases among the big tech companies and the consumers who patron them.

As a people who look to living above the sun, this is an important subject. It’s an exciting subject with huge potentials to explore, and new worlds to open up.

Over the course of this next year, ATSTT will begin to explore and develop this concept in our own fashion, as it pertains to the ATS roadmap. We look forward to sharing that with you and involving the whole ATS community in the discussion.

"Live Above The Sun!"


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