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Crypto: How Much Gold Is There In The World?

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  • The Gilded Carriage

  • Boston C!'s Scoops: How Much Gold Is There In The World

The Gilded Carriage (Part 2)

by Carolyn Arnold

My journey with Gold and Silver

In 2020 my husband, Bill came to me with the proposition of buying silver and gold. It was something that he wanted to do because he has invested in a variety of different things to build a nest egg and I had pretty much put everything into building Andy’s (my son) and my business, Andy’s No Limits Art and my personal business, Gilded Carriage Art.

Based on Bill’s investment idea, I went to inquire of YHVH if He wanted me to purchase gold and silver. My most rich time with Abba was in my early morning walks. I have gained much over the years in the set apart times where I would come to know Him in rich deep ways that were life changing! As I worshiped and as I walked I heard the Lord say to me “I am your gold (defense) and you will have plenty of silver” from Job 22:25 KJV. As that word spoke in my spirit and sparked life and direction I knew HE was my gold and at this time I am not to purchase gold for my acquisition of wealth but I knew I could purchase silver.

I honored Him for that revelation and entered into a mutual joy and deep satisfaction with Him that He was my gold. There was a treasure in that Word that was an invitation to me in to engage deeper in His heart, His Essence, His delight… relationship! THIS “deeper” opened doors for me to meet Gold and Silver for who they are… my journey was just beginning !!

Boston C!'s Snoopy Scoops

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  • 13 Years After Its 'Birth', Bitcoin Adoption Continues To Accelerate: Tribe, it will take the next 10 years before the population of the earth begins to adopt Crypto. It's never and I repeat never too late to get moving and become bankless in YHVH's Metaverse. Take a brief snoopy read, you'll be smarter for it! Up and away!

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