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Dueling Bias!

(Paraphrased. Embellished commentary and musings by Boston C! From an article via

Boston C! posits that everyone has a bias, a bent towards a thing. 

Like a transistor applying either positive or negative voltage, we all have temperaments and biased outlooks. Therefore, it's not a matter of whether one is biased or not, it's simply a matter of which biased is the best bias to be biased about!

Physical silver and gold is protection kept outside of a corrupt, broken, money-printing, centralized banking system. Leverage critical thinking skills, and reflect on the thought, 

"I wonder what benefits precious metals ownership might offer in preserving our families savings?"

Debased fiat currencies and Central banks hear their tolling bell! 

The BTC vs. Gold Debate is absolutely a waste of time as both are two entirely separate investment classes—therefore, invest and trade accordingly and simply become a sound money maximilist! BTC is an investment. Some suggest it's speculation and gold is a preservation asset. Championing precious metals while denigrating cryptos in general or BTC in particular is a dumb idea!

But don't listen to me, right?! I'm just talking donkey head...

Why attack BTC to make a case for gold, when gold’s case stands entirely— by itself. Both assets are in relationship are indeed working together in defeating the corrupt money system that's collapsing before our eyes. The objective risk that gold bug maximilist posit, is that current data and future regulatory, geopolitical and financial trends confirm that BTC is not a currency, nor a unit of account, and is certainly not a stable store of value.

Currency? Store of Value?

Price moves of 20% in a single trading day is hardly finding (or justifying) its way to such designations the gold bugs say. Boston C! says, "Hey man! I love the volatility, everything is on sale. It's a good day to stack SATS bro!"

As for currency status, Metals-only maximilist say BTC is not taken as payment, for its radical price moves can potentially wipe out (or grow) their profit margins overnight. Boston C! likes the "grow" part! Others, of course, will say, Bitcoin’s time will come after gradual adoption, and 

“what about Tesla, you can buy that with BTC bitcoiners claim”

Well, actually you can’t, and trusting tweet-happy front-runners like Musk, or over-valued balance sheets like Tesla, is an individual choice, and yours to enter (and hopefully exit correctly) at your own discretion and skill. Not financial advice!

The truth is, great fortunes have, can and will be made in both Crypto and Silver/Gold investment classes. Moreover, every asset is subjected to pump and dump, spoofing, wash trading and other front-running schemes in which the big money in "any manipulated asset" pretends a “philosophical” interest in "any manipulated asset" only to crush the little money guy when the time is right to buy and then sell—a near perfect nirvana for the Greater Donkey Trader.

Do we know where BTC came from?

Boston C! suggests, "Read the white-paper and see how important the question is to you". We have Its genesis story. Did a mystery man named Nakamoto upload some code and then vanish into thin air with no one asking why? I'll let you do the research. In the meantime, I'm investing and trading into relationships, buying silver, gold AND crypto! Not financial advice.

Trade into and subscribe and journey with us!

Boston C! Up & Away

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