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The journey with Gold and Silver

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  • The Gilded Carriage: My journey with Gold and Silver (part 3)

  • Boston C!'s Scoops: Fed to start tapering bond purchases later this month as it begins pulling back on pandemic aid

The Gilded Carriage (Part 3)

by Carolyn Arnold

My journey with Gold and Silver

In the earlier part of 2021on my continuing journey with Gold and Silver, I had the opportunity to watch on zoom a conference put on by Nancy Coen. Kate Wilburn and Marios Ellinas were two of the speakers. Kate began to speak about her personal relationship with the being Silver and in Hebrew it is “Keseph “. This so radiated in my spirit that I wanted to take it further for my personal relationship with Silver so I began to trade into what Kate was releasing. After Kate, Marios was up and speaking about gold. I also began to trade in to what Marios was releasing. The entire conference was traded in to the listeners and Marios, free of charge gave us audios from his website,

I highly suggest that you visit his website and purchase the audio “Pure Gold” of which he spoke about. Because of the impartation I received during this conference by faith, I purchased the most expensive gold and silver leaf that I could at this time to add to my personal artwork. In Gilded Carriage Art (YHVH named my business years ago before I knew anything gold and silver!!) I begin to apply high quality silver leaf and 24 karat gold leaf to my notecards. I could do it in faith knowing I was honoring these two beings and also understanding that for thousands of years they had been prostituted and pimped and trafficked by those that live under the sun.

Now because of Kate and Marios, I was gaining understanding on how to honor these beings “above the sun” as they were created to be. So my personal artwork took on a new meaning. I also began to apply this gold and silver to Andy’s artwork in Now besides creating painted canvases and painted chairs that released the frequency of YHVH as Andy goes into the heavenly realms and “copies what he sees in heaven and pastes it onto his artwork in the earth” it also releases the frequency of these precious beings Gold and Silver!! 

One more point I want to bring out that I have gained some revelation on based on what Marios taught… Gold and silver are conductors of wealth. So in my artwork and in Andy’s artwork we purposely put gold and silver on the artwork not only to honor these as beings above the sun but to be a conductor of wealth for those that own them. 

I want to personally honor Kate Wilburn and Marios Ellinas at this time for who they are and what they carry as sons with wealth. Because of them my life has changed and I could step further into my scroll. 

If anyone wants to contact us about our business, my work is on Etsy and Andy’s is his webpage. I also welcome people contacting us for custom work at  Or

Boston C!'s Snoopy Scoops

  • Fed to start tapering bond purchases later this month as it begins pulling back on pandemic aid: "On a monthly basis, the reduction will see $10 billion less in Treasury's and $5 billion less in mortgage- backed securities." Come on Tribe! Enough of this! Keep enough to pay expenses in your corrupt legacy bank and get your Crypto, Silver, and Gold portfolio growing. Yes, it's financial advice!

  • Coinbase Lets Customers Borrow up to $1 Million Using Bitcoin as Collateral: Boston C! has learned and decided to never sell the worlds current and future apex assets which is Bitcoin and Ethereum. We need to learn to Borrow and use Crypto as collateral. Never having to go to a corrupt legacy bank again. Celsius is a good place to start doing the homework, check out the link. Up and away!

  • An In-Depth Look at Olympus DAO Protocol and the Not-So-Stable Stablecoin OHM: Full disclosure and not financial advice. AboveTheSun Trading Tables has, as a company, recently purchased and Staked OHM. It is a speculative investment for us, As a team, we know and understand, not to invest any more than we can afford to lose. Nevertheless, read the article to assimilate the risk and move on or flame on! Again, not financial advice!

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