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Hump Day with Gimel

I want to introduce you to the letter that comes after Gimel, the letter Dalet.

Artwork by Brenda Craig. Used with permission by Daniel Cook and,

They are in a close relationship with each other. Dalet is the 4th letter of the Hebraic alphabet. The letters in the Hebraic alphabet correspond more with the ones that are next to each other. If you remember from my other post, Gimel is the 3rd letter and the pictograph is of a camel: 

Artwork by Brenda Craig. Used with permission by Daniel Cook and,

Yes, it's not easy to talk about dalet without talking about Gimel. I'll remind you also, that Gimel can mean provision, supply, balance, giver, and to pursue, well you get the picture. The pictograph for Dalet is door, it can mean a person in need, to lift up, humility, entrance, and to be dependent on.

Let's look close to see! 

Gimel has an abundance of the supply of provision that will give balance to Dalet. Dalet is the one who is in need of something, not necessarily in a destitute way, but Dalet acknowledges dependence on Gimel. Dalet then positions the door entrance open to receive what Gimel is pursuing to give. That abundance sets Dalet - up for success. From that increase the Dalet can pass on the blessings to others in need. Wow, you may have to read that again.

I want you to understand that the Hebraic letters are created by Yahweh, and they represent himself and his desire for us. 

As we talk about the letters we are actually talking about Yahweh's desire and his goodness. These beings were with him in the beginning of creation. These letters were the language in the breath of Yahweh that he spoke everything into existence. Scientists have even found these letters in our DNA. 

What we speak, we create--what we focus on, we attract. 

We see it as a paradigm shift for our financial gain in our finances and investments, by using this spiritual key. This key opens the door for the Dalet as a portal or entrance from the Kingdom realm to the Earth realm. We are dependent on Wisdom and Understanding and all the provisions that Gimel has for us so that we may have the abundant supply in storing, investing and building wealth. We acknowledge we need to rely on the supply of Gimel from the kingdom more than we need to rely just on ourselves. We may also need to shift any wrong mindsets we may have established. 

Living above the sun relates to the Matthew 6:33 perspective about seeking first the kingdom of God and "all these things will be added unto you". Do you see Dalet being dependent on Gimel in this scripture? This is acknowledging our dependence on the kingdom of God, and all that He has created to work with us on our assignments. Gimel pursues Dalet, who is positioned to receive all the blessings that will come to you, when Gimel arrives. The Door is open for the blessings to flow to us.

It is out of our maturity that we realize, prosperity blessings can flow to us. But, out of our maturity we realize that all the prosperity blessings that have flowed to us must go beyond ourselves and they must be traded into other people.

ATSTT has a desire to bring education to you in our four pillars for personal wealth: cryptocurrency, precious metals, real estate, and enterprise. Out of our relationship with Yahweh, and by living above the sun, we can be a community that is in a relationship with each other in unity and out of a pure heart. As we learn, we also mature so we may build wealth by living above the sun. We can see heaven's perspective from above the sun about storing, investing, and building wealth. In this maturity, we can then use the abundance to have greater impact on the earth.

"Wealth can be measured by the amount that you trade into blessing others, from a pure heart." - Tina Deemes

"And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come in abundance to you, so that you may always (under all circumstances, regardless of the need) have complete sufficiency in everything (being completely self-sufficient in him), and have an abundance for every good work and act of charity." 2 Corinthians 9:8 AMP

"Engage the limitless supply" 

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