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Finding your Niche - Your One Thing

Unlocking your imagination requires letting go of old brain pathways and beginning to build new pathways that line up with who you were always meant to be. It does require looking deep inside of who you are so you can see what emotions are traveling along those pathways. The beautiful mystery that will be revealed is your Niche, that one amazing thing you were always meant to be; that which is written in your scroll. Your scroll reveal the purpose of your personal destiny. But also included, is a scroll for your enterprises investments and wealth. 

As you look within yourself, you can reflect on what positive emotional frequencies are inside your brain pathways. This reflection will reveal positive emotions like passions, strengths, inspirations; all the things that interest you the most. This helps you discover the one thing you are the most amazing at, your Niche. You will also need to reflect on those negative emotional pathways, as well. Negative emotions can block you from seeing your amazing self, and what you're amazing at. 

You may find fear, stress, pride, unbelief, anxiety and many other negative emotions as you reflect. As you find negative emotional pathways, you can replace them with positive emotional pathways. This is how you make room and rebuild new brain pathways. The great results are: you begin to see improvements in your life and begin living an abundant life with divine health!

It is true, you were created to be great at so many things. But it is important to find that one thing--that you are not only great at, but that you are amazing at! You were created by Yahweh in his image to be amazing! 

Even in a great places, your journey can at times still feel like a ship blown in every direction by the wind. But this an amazing place where you find your niche. As you step into your specific journey, you can feel the peacefulness of the still waters. You take the time to let go of the chaotic winds that are blowing, and speak the frequency of peace that stills the waters. This is where you start fulfilling your scroll, and the purpose of your destiny for this life. 

We were created for an abundance of supply in many different areas! Then you will bring the kingdom to earth as this supply flows from you.

It's important to find your Niche so you can engage with your imagination, and flow in the fullness of this specific frequency. In this new frequency that you have built as your new brain pathway, you become limitless in all areas of your life. Operating in positive emotional energy and frequency now allows your imagination to have no limits so the abundance can just flow. Those things that were once blockages are now open for increase in many areas of your life including health, investments, enterprises and income. 

Your Niche will bring clarity for new ideas in investments and new witty ideas for business and career opportunities. Some benefits of the supply that comes out of this increase are overflow, abundance, uniqueness, loyalty, strategies, and much more. 

Even if you feel you have found your niche, there's always room to improve and build upon it. ATSTT wants to help you find and improve your Niche, by providing a weekly education forum on the four pillars of personal wealth: cryptocurrency, precious metals, real estate, and enterprise. Of course, all from a heavenly perspective.

Imagination - The action of forming new ideas or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. The ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful.

Rebuke and let go of the chaotic winds of negative, emotional pathways in your brain pathways; and replace them with positive, emotional pathways of peace that will bring a great calm to the chaotic winds.

"Then he arose and rebuked the wind, and said "Peace be still!" And the wind ceased and there was a great calm." Mark 4:39 NKJV

Engage the endless supply!

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