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Hump Day with Gimel

Yahweh has provided Gimel with so much provision for us within this Hebraic letter. There is no wonder the ancient pictograph is a camel with all of this abundance of supply. 

Today I want to look at the basis of Gold and Silver as part of this provision that Gimel carries. Let's not forget to look for all the other nuggets of Wisdom and Knowledge that Gimel has for us in revelation to finance and investments.

From the beginning, we see in Genesis 2:12 "all the Gold of that land is good." Yahweh is the creator of Gold and is acknowledging that it is good. Precious metals are his creation and his gift to us. He created the frequency, physical and chemical qualities, substance, and everything that they are made from. He made it, and we were given dominion over it. We work to extract it, develop it, and multiply it.

We see throughout history that Yahweh' primary purpose for Gold is to be a storage of wealth, and Silver is to be used for normal transactions of trade. Gold and Silver has been declared as real wealth. The Hebrew word used for money is "Keseph" which transfers to Silver. We know that Gold's rarity gives it monetary value.

We see many uses for Gold throughout history with all its beauty and brilliance. One thing Yahweh created these precious metals for was to protect the poor "Dallet" and to keep greed, empty promises, and manipulation of power out of the elected officials, leaders and rulers in order to keep them under control. As we see with the Fiat Currency, the government is printing more and more money and the value is decreasing. We should "look to see and draw our own conclusions."

As we see more people not working and making more money by staying home, small businesses that are the backbone of our economy are in trouble. We see that most of the big businesses are the ones that are receiving all the help from the Government. Being outside of this system allows us to have more choices and control. While being inside this system allows someone else to decide our choices and that they have more control over things that are not in our best interest.

Sometimes it helps to reflect on what we really already know! We sometimes forget to use the instructions from our past that Yahweh has set up. Can this still be a concept that we should still engage with today? How do we leave an inheritance for our family? How can we live an abundant life that is our inheritance now?

What will we do if the dollar falls? We should think about how we can utilize what we have stored up in order to get to the other side during that time. How do we store up wealth? Invest in real estate, purchase precious metals, buy cryptocurrency, and build enterprises. 

ATSTT wants to engage with you in these topics and expand community ideas for such a time as this. Education is necessary so we may grow and mature in all these areas. While not giving financial advice in these areas, we do intend to help explore and educate in these areas so that we may bring the kingdom to earth. It's time for a transfer of wealth. Yes, let it begin with us as Sons of God! Let's bring wealth from Zion to Earth. Let's fulfill what is written in our scrolls.

I want to share this nugget i found with you...


"Camels of Full Supply" was painted intuitively. It started with the ocean wave. Secondly the music notes, then the map. Followed by the gold leaf and finally the camels. As I listened to YHVH - Yod Hei Vav Hei (the name of God) I was led. After completion, I enquired of Ruach Ha Kodesh (Holy Spirit) for understanding. This is what I was given... Ursula G. (

"One of many gems from engaging Gimel was, in a nutshell... The mature sons going back and forth bringing the treasures (deep mysteries) from Zion to Earth. The Camel, like a weaned child, can go a long time without drinking. It is equipped physically to endure tremendous stress. Therefore, this enables it to help travelers survive the perils of the desert. To nourish, until completely ripe or mature ."- URSULA G.

"the fullness of the sea will flow to you and the wealth of the nation will be transferred to you! Caravans of Camels will cover your land, young camels loaded with goods... wealth merchants from Sheba will come bearing gold and frankincense and singing the praises of Yahweh!" Isaiah 60:5,6 The passion Translation

"Engage the limitless supply"

Mississippi Sound

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