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I'm Not Selling!!!

(Paraphased, commentary and musings by Boston C from some interview with Michael Saylor)

Never sell an appreciating asset...period.

Leverage and borrow against it! Asset grows 20% a year and the interest rate to borrow is 5%. What is the tax bill on borrowed money? Live off of your borrowings against your appreciating asset for the rest of your life without ever paying the loan back. No income tax, no capital gains tax!

Learn to borrow money against tangible assets! As the money supply expands, look for assets that are appreciating like digital crypto currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum in particular, as a monetary hedge against inflation.

Central banks are globally expanding the currency supply! One's only option is high quality assets that are scarce and going to appreciate in price at a faster rate than the currency supply expands.

Bitcoin is scarce and fungible so that you can transfer it anywhere in the world. People with money are always going to want it. Trophy real estate that has tangible value or trophy art that is extremely scarce will provide profitable yields in out-running the expanding money supply and fiat currency debasement.

Scarce assets that you can finance like a mortgage. Borrow at 3% for 30 years, hold the trophy real estate and when the money supply expands by a factor of 10, your desired mountain ,beach home, or land aquisition will appreciate in comparison to less desirable real estate assets.

Live in desirable communities? Your trophy asset goes up and your loan stays fixed. You can re-finance and leverage the equity or property.

Why would you exit from the best investment asset in the world as it grows in value? Answer, you don't! There is nothing that you can buy that is better. Sell the winner to buy a loser?

Bitcoin is capped at 21 million and will remain as such for a thousand years. It's only going to get more valuable. What is scarcer then pure monetary energy on the most dominant global digital monetary network on the planet!

Think of buying a block in Manhattan 200 years ago! Bitcoin is better than that because this is a digital city where 5 billion people are going to live.

Boston C, Up and Away!

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