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  • The Gilded Carriage: My journey with Gold and Silver (Part 4)

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The Gilded Carriage: My journey with Gold and Silver (Part 4)

by Carolyn Arnold

In an earlier segment of my testimony I had shared with you that YHVH told me not to purchase gold for my own wealth accumulation but it would be brought forth in a different way as I sought Him first for HE is my gold and I would have plenty of silver (KJV Job 22:25). 

Part of my scroll is designing jewelry that I see in the heavenly realms and have it created in the earth. I work with a jeweler named Moshe, and he is from Israel who now resides in Los Angeles, California. In our sonship as we govern the wealth in our mountains I love how so personal YHVH is in our scrolls. Where others may be gifted and acquire much in crypto or real estate or both, He is so detailed with us with bringing forth what is in his heart into ours.

For example, the gold and silver that I can accumulate is for my business in the design of pendants and rings and other custom jewelry. The joy in creating it is now knowing that those that purchase it can have the revelation that the piece is a “wealth conductor” (based on Marios Ellinas’ revelation that he teaches in his audio Pure Gold that can be purchased at and also that these are beings that can engaged with as one wears them on their finger, around their neck or even as a bracelet. What a glorious frequency we can take part in in knowing the beauty of these beings. 

It has been a joy sharing parts of my Gold and Silver testimony and I look forward to having much more to share in the future!! 

Much honor to my friends Gold and Silver as you journey with me as a son! May you be all you were created to be thru the sons living above the sun!!

Bitcoin: More Than Just a Coin

By πd Piper

With all the explosive energy this year on the Ethereum blockchain for dApp development, it easy to label Bitcoin as nothing more than a store of wealth--a place to grow your crypto treasure chest right?!

Not so fast. Certainly the oldest, and still one of the most secure blockchains, Bitcoin remains a viable solution for more than just a financial utility.

Sure scalability was and issue: the limitation on the number of transactions that the blockchain could handle at any given time, but ethereum has the same issues. But with the huge development of Level 2 (L2) platforms like Clarity, Lightning Network, and Stacks, scalability solutions via off-chain or para-chain tractions make the Bitcoin protocol more attractive to Web 3.0 developers.

 And platforms built on Bitcoin protocol can continue to enjoy the stability and security that Bitcoin provides, which goes a long way in supporting a growing dApp ecosystem.

 One of those examples is Sigle. According the website, "Sigle is a web 3.0 open source blogging platform focused on protecting your privacy. Using a decentralized protocol and running on top of Stacks, we give you the possibility to store and lock your writings literally forever on the blockchain."

Sigle is essentially a decentralized blog platform with huge aspirations for growth and premium features that you would see on the more popular blog hosting sites today.

Additionally, Leveraging the exponential growth of NFT market this year, Sigle jumped into the NFT space and minted their own Explorer collection.

More than a regular NFT, the Explorer NFT is a utility coin that gives holders future access to content creator resources for writers and rewards: write to earn $BTC. And Sigle is only one of several Web 3.0 developing on Bitcoin protocols.

Even though Ethereum is the goto blockchain for web 3.0 and dApp development right now, Bitcoins crypto market share, strength and stability make it still a great choice for the future for platform development for L2 and L3 solutions and above.

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