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Know your identity Releases your inheritance!

I have two fathers: one is rich and the other one is not so rich.

Well, in reality I really didn't have a not-so-rich dad. He really was rich; he just didn’t realize it. He was an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship ran in his bloodline. He wasn’t educated in finance, to know how to better utilize the money he made. Being an entrepreneur and knowing how to then let that money work for us are two very different things. It is very important to know our identity, to know that you have an inheritance now, and to know how to invest your finances. Yahweh is my rich father, and he is yours as well. I know you know this already, but hang on, I am building up to something. Our rich Father owns it all, and his hand is reached out, open wide for us to take our inheritance so that we may live out our scrolls. As heirs with an inheritance, we can learn to be entrepreneurs and good investors. We can move from working for great employers to being an awesome employer. We can be Wealth Builders with kingdom and witty ideas.

We are very good at educating our children. 

We encourage them to go to college and to get great degrees so they can make good money. Our educational skills have been good. Although college is getting so expensive, some are choosing to take other avenues for careers. We know that just because you have a degree it doesn’t always promise you a job. How good are we at educating our children on how to invest the money they make? Financial education needs to be taught by more than just the parents' experience about their financial investing and what was taught to them by their parents and their experience. We could use some earthly education on finance and investing, but that’s not the only realm to learn from. The financial education I am talking about is from above the sun: Kingdom realm financial education. It’s a kingdom perspective for building our wealth. We do what our Father Yahweh is wanting us to join him in and do through us. We are taught from heaven. This above-the-sun education teaches from the perspective that we already have it all. It’s a free-from-fear, no-poverty thinking; it’s a transference of wealth, on earth as it is in heaven. 

It is a unity concept of education. It’s called “Ubuntu- unity, hand in hand, how can one be happy if the rest are miserable! In short, our goal is to see the beginnings from the end. We get to play catch up. We know when we catch up we will have so much that we can take a little off the bottom, which still is an abundance, and distribute the rest of the abundance as Father Yahweh leads! It brings restoration to the earth. There’s no greed and no competition! We trade into others and their kingdom ideals, investments, businesses, inventions, and many other platforms. The concept is “nothing is mine but everything is ours.” This is what the other side doesn’t want to happen, for us to see we are better together in unity. The other side doesn’t want us to step into our inherited power where we will do even greater things  than Yeshua did. This brings the kingdom to earth and a transference of wealth. It brings our energy light, that we inherited from Father Yahweh, into the darkness and dispels it. We are beginning to take back our mountains! Now this is living above the sun!

Exciting times are ahead!

What do we do with our money as we are building our finances? We see the Fiat currency is decreasing in value so saving it in a bank with no interest or very low interest rates really makes no cents, oh sorry, sense. Saving money in this way needs to become old brain pathways. We need to create some new brain pathways for investing and saving. The old traditional ways of how we invested our finances no longer need to continue being our tradition. If we don’t watch out, this way of traditional thinking will join up with its friend called “the poverty mindset.” Could we consider Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrencies, and Real Estate as good investment pillars? We could consider any one or all of the above to be a few of many great investments.

Our words matter even in this situation!

What are we thinking and saying? Watch your words, thoughts, and actions and also watch how you become one and become familiar with them. Your prophecy can create your reality! Statements “I can’t afford this.” Our bodies hear what we say and will respond. Even in this statement. Our brain waves stop. It doesn’t try to figure out a way to afford it because it comes into agreement with what you said and the emotion behind it. Change that way of thinking to “I want it, I need it, how can I fund it,” or “how may I achieve it? Now you have challenged your own self to create a brain pathway to get what you’re asking for. You’re coming into alignment with your words but in a positive way. It has intent and desire in that frequency. Now you can go above the sun and get your answers for your new brain pathways. Then there is an open portal that is unlocked so that the manifestation can be released from heaven to earth. We are backed by all of heaven and we are set up for success! This, my friend, is how we can transform the world. Go be a wealth builder that trades into others! Ubuntu!

“I don’t work for money!” “Money works for me!” - Robert T. Kiyosaki

P.S. The author Robert T. Kiyosaki wrote the book RICH, DAD POOR DAD. I highly recommend it. A lot of my inspiration and information came from this amazing book.

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