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Let Me Introduce You To Wednesday Hump Day With Gimel!


The Gimel is the 3rd letter of the Hebraic alphabet. The pictograph for Gimel, is a camel. It represents the camel that goes the distance to bring an abundance of the supply from heaven to those that are in need, so they can then go the distance that leads to freedom. It's an Above The Sun perspective.


This phrase dates back to at least the 1960's. It represents the weekday Wednesday, as being the highest peak of the workweek. By going half of the distance in the week to get to the Hump Day Wednesday, you can get the supply to finish the week, and move into the freedom of the weekend.

Yes, we know this, but......

1. Do you see Gimel the camel with the abundance of supply in this phrase? You can see the supply at the peak on Hump Day. If you look to see, and listen to hear, you will find that you have been given abundantly what you need. Seeing and hearing from above the sun, will lead you to freedom.

2. How is your abundance of supply and where are you on your financial journey? You will find Wisdom and Knowledge among many other nuggets in the abundant supply. These nuggets will lead you to an increase in your path on your financial journey, and that will lead you to freedom. Did I say freedom again?

3. Are you ready to look at your perception and your perspective and make the changes at the peak that are necessary for you to go the distance? The distance, is the path on your journey that will bring an increase to your finances. Use the nuggets that are found in the abundant supply like Wisdom and Knowledge and check your perspective and perception. ATSTT will help you on your path so that you can make the changes necessary to go the distance, and yes, that will lead you to freedom! "So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed." - John 8:36.

"Abundance is perspective, that sometimes has to be changed."

Mississippi Sound

"Engage the limitless supply"

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