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  • Gimel's Gate: Entering the Promise Land

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  • Snoopy Scoop - A Butterfly has flapped its wings

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

I know you have enjoyed the snippets from Pastor Martin Powell book, Money Matters: in My Kingdom so much that you have purchased your copy and it is on it's way! I'll give you a reminder to watch your email for the link for our special zoom meeting with Martin Powell this Wednesday October 6th at 6:00pm CT. Exciting! So if you have not subscribed as a member yet, do so before our Wednesday zoom meeting! 

Ok, let's look at one more chapter while you're waiting for your book to arrive. Chapter 9 "Entering the Promise Land" Pastor Powell gives us some interesting insights. Just as the children of Israel were given a promise that the Lord would bring them into the Promise Land that flowed with milk and honey, we too have a promise to us. (Galatians 3:29) We who belong to Christ, have been promised the inheritance of the blessings that was given to Abraham. How do we receive these promises?

Prerequisites for obtaining God's promises:

  1. You must have faith.  Without faith it is impossible to please Him. (Hebrews 11:6) 

  2. You must know the Word of God. Success comes from obeying God and knowing His promises. In Joshua, they heard, obeyed, and had faith. (Joshua 1:1-11) 

  3. You must "the applying of force" through fighting with faith and prayer. Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. (Matthew 11:12) 

  4. You must be obedience. This is strategy. In Joshua we see disobedience caused them not to be able to stand before their enemies. (Joshua 7:11,12)

  5. You must see holiness is required. Sin blocks us from the promises so we repent, find out what the blockages are, and remove them. (Exodus 34:12)

  6. You must ask counsel of the Lord. Release yourself form spiritual oppression by repentance and cleansing of the blood of Jesus. Be Light! (1 John 1:7) 

  7. You must have patience. It may seem like something takes a long time, so we persevere and exercise patience. (Joshua 11:18) 

We are overcomers so let's all be sure to step into our inheritance for all Yahweh's promises that he has for each of us!   


Cryptocabulary: BUIDL

by πd Piper


What’s more than HODL? BUIDL!

Buidl (pronounced bidl) is a deliberate misspelling of “build”. A takeoff of form and meaning of HODL. It refers to the attitude of those who participate in serious crypto projects subscribe to: keep your head down, ignore price noise and concentrate on innovating the space.

BUIDLing takes the idea of HODLing, which the practice of staying put--buying and holding no matter what the cryptocurrency market is doing and becoming an active participant in the development of blockchain or token you are currently holding.

According to the Consensys, BUIDL is defined as:

  1. Building useful blockchain-based products and services that utilize smart contracts and have the ability to democratize technology for people of all races, genders, and cultures.

  2. Developing blockchain projects on every layer of the Ethereum network, from protocols and infrastructure to dapps and design. This does not mean that one needs to be an expert in blockchain technology to contribute. There are numerous ways.

In cryptocurrency, BUIDLing can involve simply using a cryptocurrency for it's intended purpose

  • utilizing smart contracts,

  • beta testing products,

  • writing articles,

  • playing blockchain games,

  • using cryptocurrency wallets

  • DAO community voting for certain development features

  • or anything that could help the blockchain and cryptocurrency fields evolve and expand

The point is, now that you are holding your investment in a safe place, what are you going to do with it to secure its future development, success, and value? I believe it’s the next and necessary step towards greater adoption of cryptocurrency.

But the BUIDL ethos extends beyond coin and blockchain. More than a natural attitude, it’s a spiritual one. It’s a state of mind consistent with all the great innovators who live above the sun.

Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • A Butterfly Has Flapped Its Wings! - "Chaos Theory is often associated with a quotation, something along the lines of “a butterfly flapping its wings in Tokyo leads to a storm in Manhattan." Boston C! is mindful that as Sons and energy beings, we see and feel the signs, seasons, days and years, and we rule over them. The article and its author are sensing something is shifting. The Kingdom of God is at hand. Live, think and breathe Above The Sun tribe! Do a quick snoopy loop!

  • Bang bang! 170 years, have a nice day and good-bye!: Smith & Wesson Ditches Massachusetts Over Pending Legislation, Moves Headquarters To Tennessee. Boston C! says we need to do this as a Tribe! Take your business elsewhere! Imagine that!

"Live Above The Sun!"


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