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BREAKING: Your "Now" has been hijacked!

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Gimel's Gate: Don't let your "Now" get hijacked by your past or your future.

By: Mississippi Sound

A big part of living "above the sun" is learning to live in the present moment of our life. We have fallen into a pace that is so fast that we find ourselves "doing" and not just "being." It has become our normal. We have so many appointments, meetings, and activities on our calendars that we need something to send us notifications and reminders just to stay on schedule. We can't seem to think about the moment because we are too concerned about what we have missed or what is coming up. Yes, our "Now" has been hijacked!

Let's think, what does it cost us to live in the past and or the future instead of living in the present moment?

Well yes, we do need to learn from our past. Looking back at our past really only needs to take a quick glance, and then we can turn anything that was negative into a positive experience. If we stay in the past longer than a glance, it may turn into regret, condemnation, fear, shame, or any of those negative emotions that hijack your "now." Glance back and focus on the positive experiences, or look at what you have learned from your mistakes and how you have changed them into a positive experience.

What if we look ahead? Yes, we need to prepare for the future and have a direction to where we are going, but that needs to be built in the present moment. Let's remember what we focus on we create! It's possible to focus so much on the future that we try to control it, and things don't happen in a natural way or in the correct season. Our "now," is the foundation on which to build our future so it can manifest correctly without getting hijacked.

What does living in the present moment look like? It should begin by us focusing on our Father and sitting in His glory. The things we see Him doing are things He wants us to join Him in. It is our destiny-purpose. There is a rest that comes from being in the presence of Father. There is fullness of joy! Father's attributes are in his glory. There is peace that surpasses all understanding in this rest. This is the focus we are meant to have.

I also try to have a moment to build upon gratitude in this place. When you focus on what you are grateful for you can boost your immune system over 50%. Being grateful attracts good health!

The present moment is between the past and the future. It is the place to find rest and to allow your future to manifest all the goodness that your present moment has focused on! "In the moment" is the place that all things happen in.

Have fun practicing living in the moment, and remember, "Don't worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself!" Matthew 6:34


(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on "Switch On Your Brain"by Dr. Caroline Leaf.)

Our Brains Are Shaped By Our Reactions!

We react to circumstances and events. The cycle continues. Our brains become shaped by the process in either a good or bad quality-of-life-direction. Quality of thinking and choosing (consciousness) and our reactions determine our "brain architecture". We are wired for love and optimism! Negative thinking is not a path worth staying on! Thinking changes our DNA. Our DNA changes shape according to our thoughts. Toxic thinking wires the brain in a negative direction, throwing the mind and body into stress. This then impacts our body's natural healing properties. The brain wears down. Thinking and feeling anger, fear, and frustration causes our DNA to change shape. The DNA tightens up and becomes shorter and switches off DNA codes reducing quality expression. However, DNA codes are reversed by feelings of love, joy, appreciation and gratitude! The to-good-to-be true news is we are able to change the shape of our DNA for the better.

Up and away!

"Live Above The Sun!"


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