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The Brain is what the Mind does!

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  • The Brain is what the Mind does!

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Gimel's Gate

By: Mississippi Sound

Recap: Adar means strength, and it is a month (Adar l) to increase joy. Tap into your identity in the spiritual realm. Discover who you are meant to be. Overturn worry, anxiety, fear and depression and breakthrough with joy, gladness and laughter. It's a double portion month of joy and strength and breakthrough.

Adar ll is the happiest and most joyous month because in Adar l, we already had our breakthrough and our joy has been increased. This is an extra month of 29 days to have a do-over if you didn't get your breakthrough. You get to fix areas in which you didn't get breakthrough in the first Adar month. We should be in a place now in Adar ll to give us more room to contain all the joy that Adar l could not hold!

Now, for my short testimony about my Adar miracle. Last Adar ll, 3 years ago on March 8th, 2019, I had to have emergency surgery because my spleen ruptured. This happened on the 1st day of Adar ll. The doctors told us they didn't know if I would make it through surgery. I had my breakthrough during Adar l. Notice the number 8 in this date. Eight means new beginnings and eternal revelation.

Father told me to declare and decree my identity in him and not only speak it but to write it down. Writing it down is another story for another time. I was obedient to do so, and I put it on my refrigerator. I declared who I was in Christ for around 5 days before my spleen ruptured.

In Adar l, I opened the portal in the timeline in which I moved forward. I declared my inheritance and no weapon formed against me would prosper; I was a king and a priest, that I had an inheritance now, and that I was the head and not the tail. There was much more, but for time's sake that's all I will share at this time about the other decrees.

It was amazing to have this miracle and on the first day of Adar ll. I was able to have my breakthrough and joy was released as I was going through the process of my spleen rupturing. I had Father's peace, and I was resting under the shadow of the Almighty, and the Joy of the Lord was my strength while going through this process at home, in the emergency room, and in heading up to surgery. He who has promised is faithful.

The recovery process was filled with Father's supernatural miracles. I was and I am still known as, "The Miracle Lady." There's much more to this testimony, but I think you can see why Adar is my month to cherish as my joy increases. I definitely got my breakthrough! My identity in him is clearer and my journey to fulfill my scroll has not been hijacked.

FYI - Moses was born and died in the month of Adar.


(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on "Switch On Your Brain"by Dr. Caroline Leaf.)

The Brain is what the Mind does!

You are a thinking being. As you think, you choose, and as you choose, you make proteins. These proteins form your thoughts. Thoughts and imaginations get into our DNA and turn certain genes on and off and change the structure of the neurons in our brains. Thinking and imagining changes the structure and function of the brain. Thoughts have power to change the brain. We control matter by thinking and choosing. We can control reactions to anything and everything. Thoughts and our choices are the key! Your mind is more powerful than any medication, threat, sickness or any challenge. Your mind controls your physical world. Pursue love, demonstrate your power of self- control, and live in the state of a rested mind! Good to know!

Up and away!

NFT's - Not Just Monkeys!

By: The Golden Noodle

Most of the conversation surrounding the NFT extravaganza has been weird apes, 8 bit avatars and art collections. But NFT's have some radically disruptive use cases beyond your twitter handle or wealth flex. Real Estate looks to be the next major use case of blockchain technology employing NFT's as proof of ownership. A Gulfport home in Tampa Bay Florida is being auctioned and the deed will be minted into an NFT. And hold onto your cash, cryptocurrency bids only. I wonder if they accept million dollar monkeys?

It’ll be the first piece of U.S. real estate to be auctioned as a “non-fungible token”, said current owner Leslie Alessandra.

Though not the first property in the world to be sold as an NFT. TechCrunch Founder, Michael Arrington’s Kyiv Apartment sold in world’s first NFT Real Estate Auction last year. And it goes beyond just minting the Deed on the blockchain. All the relevant details of a home can be minted as an NFT and stored on chain. When it was built, who built it and all maintenance records can be instantly available and publicly accessible. Full transparency about a real estate transaction stored securely and permanently.

Real Estate is just one industry where NFT's are seeing adoption. Fashion, Gaming, Digital Identity, Event Ticketing, Certifications and many more potential uses are developing. POAP - Proof of Attendance Protocol NFT's are already being used to validate attendance at all kinds of events. Virtual or otherwise. These badges are a non-fungible proof of your involvement and can be used to validate access to benefits far more securely than a paper ticket or barcode. And could represent future value in the form of a collectible. So you can finally stop holding onto that paper concert ticket collecting dust in a the attic.

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