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  • Gimel's Gate: Entering the happy month of Adar with increased Joy!

  • Choices Are Real!

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Gimel's Gate: Entering the happy month of Adar with increased Joy!

By: Mississippi Sound

"Adar is the twelfth month of the Jewish calendar counting from Nisan. Adar is a special month because it's a Jewish leap year. It occurs seven times in a nineteen-year cycle (approximately every three years). You have an added month called 'Adar II' and Adar will become 'Adar I.' This aligns the lunar months with the solar year, so the holidays fall in the proper seasons." -Del Hungerford's book, Healing in the Hebrew Months.

Adar I started February 2nd and goes through March 3rd. Then the leap month Adar II will begin March 4th and go through to April 1st to open up the door for Nisan to begin. Adar means strength and is a time for increased Joy!

In his book, A Time to Advance, Chuck Pierce says, "There is an identity for you, which is linked to the invisible world, not to the natural. Some of us never tap into our identity in the supernatural. Discover your identity in the spiritual realm and see how the Lord is conforming you by the Spirit. Identify and activate your gifts. This is the time to become who we are meant to be by the Spirit. God has cycles in the earth realm to draw forth your identity."

Chuck reveals, "This month overturn worry, anxiety, and fear so we may be overcomers and have the release of supply. By removing these fretting aspects from your life, you can see your supply lines. This month root out depression and despair with the joy of gladness and laughter so faith can break through. Be sure to look at wrong decrees spoken over you to hurt you in the past or present and speak God's words and plans over yourself." It may take some time to work this out layer by layer each year to become overcomers.

The Hebrew letter linked to Adar is KUF. Chuck says, "This is a month to remove the masquerade so you can enter into laughter. Remove any mask you have been hiding behind so you can enter into the true joy of who you are. Let your leadership awaken and be sure you are not missing moving into the fullness of your next season."

(Adar II to be continued next Friday along with my testimony about my miracle from last leap year, don't miss next weeks post!)


(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on "Switch On Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf.)

Choices Are Real!

You are free to make choices around how to focus your attention. It impacts how the chemicals, proteins and wiring of the brain change and function. There is a relationship between what you think and how you understand You! Your thought life affects the mental, physical and behavioral dimensions of wellness versus illness. Thinking activates genes. Consciousness activates genes and changes our brain. We have a fixed set of genes in our chromosomes. Which genes are active and how they are active depends on how we think and process our experiences. Thoughts produce words and behaviors that stimulate more thinking and choices that build more thoughts in a repetitive fashion. Good to know!

Up and away!

Kingdom Crypto Training Opportunity

The Golden Noodle

Our friends at NEOS Capital Development Group have been teaching how to create and manage generational wealth trading the US stock market. Offering e-courses for beginners and experts, they operate in excellence where they look at the financial world through Kings eyes. I'm blessed to be a student of theirs with a lot to learn. Mark Wilburn, together with author and teacher, Joseph Sturgeon, are hosting a two-day virtual conference on Crypto this April. They're calling it Cryptonite: An Intro to Cryptocurrency. I'm looking forward to the wisdom and strategies they will share to navigate this new, changing, and exponentially profitable financial landscape. What a great time to be in this community! We celebrate the unique voice they bring to the table!

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