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Gimel's Gate

Know Your Why, So You Can Know Your What... What?

By Mississippi Sound

If you have not watched the YouTube video with Comedian Michael Jr: Know Your Why, check it out! It's important to know your WHY because then you will have options to what your WHAT can be. This is helpful so what's on your scroll can become clearer. Yahweh is always IN our assignments that are on your scrolls. It's important to be sure to be aligned with Father so that you will be walking in your power, authority and in the correct frequencies.

The spirit realm operates out of energy, vibration, and frequencies. The lower the frequency the more we align with the adversary and the negative frequencies. The higher the frequency the more we will be operating out of 'P48' which are all positive frequencies. Love is the highest frequency. Love puts out more electromagnetic energy than our own brains.

A few points to remember! Proverbs 4:23 "Above all guard your heart for everything you do flows everything else." We are to maintain our emotional intelligence even in times of trouble. Yep, that's a P48 thought! We remember how the spirit realm operates differently from the physical. Actually the spirit realm operates differently and is more real than this physical realm.

And the last thing which is exciting! Father says he is doing a new thing. The new ancient paths are opening up and new spiritual revelational mysteries that are spoken about to come in the end days are beginning to manifest. Yes, the ancient ones knew about these things and counted them as normal. Ex. Peter knocked on the door and they thought he was an angel. This was very normal in this ancient time.

Know your Why so you can be clear about your what that is on your scroll. Be in the higher positive frequencies of Love, peace, and joy etc. Always operate out of 'P48" and think on those things. Guard your hearts and emotions and let's journey together on the ancient paths!


What Does All This Science Mean To You?

(Inspired commentary by Boston C! based on "Switch On Your Brain" by Dr. Caroline Leaf)

What Does All This Science Mean To You? - Scientist are discovering pathways by which changes in human thinking operate as signals that activate genetic expression that produce changes in our brains and bodies. Our genetic makeup fluctuates by the minute based on what we are thinking and choosing. P48 it from there and make this truth your life choice. Good to know.

Up and away.

Games Are Not Toys

By The Golden Noodle

The global video game industry is worth over $197 billion in 2022, with some estimates topping over 300 billion.  Not including ad revenue.  Worth more than the movie, sports, music and streaming industries combined.  Forty percent of the world's population plays video games of some kind, Console, PC, or mobile. And it's unlikely any of those numbers include the NFT game market. A market strapped to a rocket with no signs of slowing.  And it's far more than entertainment alone.  

The Play-to-Earn model has grown from a suspect scam into a viable income.  Turning our pastimes into revenue streams.  The hugely popular game Axie Infinity, actually enables players in the Philippines to make a decent monthly income! And there are dozens more emerging all the time.  Games like Ragnarok, Illuvium, and Star AtlasNFT games that rival the AAA titles that have dominated the gaming space.  

Games are much more than idle distractions.  Gamers have moved out of mom's basement and into the forefront of an established and fast growing market.  But money is only part of the story.  The industry is changing.  Most AAA game titles are made by large corporations.  But games like No Man's Sky show a different side. Small indie developers are gaining traction.  Hello Games, the team behind No Man's Sky, is an example of a return to focusing on the community and operating with transparency and integrity.  After one of the worst game launches of all time, including death threats and a media feeding frenzy, the team went dark and ignored all social media and news outlets and spent the next few years overturning the tragic launch and eventually exceeding all expectations placed upon them by the media hype.  Completely reversing the game's initial reception. Consistently releasing bug patches and massive expansions at no additional cost. They have even started a company, Hello Labs, to support other indie developers. Truly one of the good guys.  

The narrative within the game itself tells an even deeper story.  The setting is a wide open universe to explore and develop, terraform, and populate.  With procedurally built worlds, creatures, and plant life to discover and catalog.  The antagonist is a mysterious host of AI robots set to stop any development or habitation by mankind.  Art imitates life indeed.  The goal is the freedom to establish, develop, and grow without controls or safety measures. 

Sound familiar?  Crypto resonates with the same frequency.  To put off the shackles of entities promising safety and security at the cost of individual freedom and growth.  To take risks and to receive the rewards and learning experiences that accompany risk.  To grow.  To function according to our purpose.  These stories reveal the heart and intention of the one new man.  And the stories we tell ourselves are the dreams we hope to manifest.  

Neil Gaiman, an English author paraphrasing G K Chesterton said; 

"Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

"Live Above The Sun!"


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