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You Have The Courage To Believe It All

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Gimel's Gate

By: Joni Ames

Years ago, I realized something. No situation lasts forever. I realized if I could just hang on long enough, I WOULD get through to the other side.

I decided to be like the spoiled little brat kid that I saw in a store who threw himself on the floor and screamed and hollered until he got his way. But to do so in a God way.

I decided I would cover my ears to the lies of the enemy and scream and holler “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” to the enemy, and to outlast the sucker.

I would be God’s spoiled brat.

Because I could be. Because He made me to be. He promised I could win every time.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13)

It’s like having a staring contest with someone. You just have to decide to get stubborn and stay in the game to the end, and to outlast the enemy and win. Because you CAN.

I decided to figure out the worst scenario and decide that even if that happened, “so what!“ I would still make it. If I had to start all over with nothing, “so what!“ I would.

I could. I would. And I did.

Why waste my time getting shook up at the possibilities? If I decided that even if the worst happened, I’d survive it, what could the enemy scare me with? Because I’d still count it as a win!

So hold on. Be God’s spoiled brat. Just realize and remember this: You win no matter what!

Love & blessings,


Joni Ames, has been in itinerant prophetic ministry over 25 years, traveling and encouraging the Body of Christ. She does so totally by faith.

Luongo: The Ins & Outs Of Whose Money Is It Anyway? - "Austrians, like myself, have always understood that eventually Inside Money fails because it is ultimately nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme built on top of Outside Money — money that exists outside the financial system, like commodities and bitcoin."

Up and away!

You Have The Courage To Believe It All

By Paul Ferrante

Have you heard something so wonderful that one of your first thoughts are, “This is too good to be true.” My question to you is, “Why can’t it be true?” Why can’t we live out our dreams? Why can’t we dream BIG?


There is a story inside of you that has been written upon your heart from the beginning of time. Its script is amazing. It’s an award winning script, and you are the main character. It’s full of mystery, drama and intrigue. The music ebbs and flows throughout, creating a beautiful and harmonious sound. The supporting cast grows and shrinks as your story is being lived out. The credits at the end bear witness to those that were involved in your story.

You can either look back at your life at this moment in your script, with all of its circumstances (good, bad and ugly) and with disgust and hopelessness cry out, “Why me?” Or at this very moment you can with courage and from your innermost being shout, “Bring it On!!!”

Your life story was written with Hope and Courage in mind. Life has given us its gifts and surprises but also has thrown in its disappointments and obstacles. It’s what you are holding onto right now that is going to get you through the next chapter of your story.

I am proposing that you grab a hold of COURAGE and don’t let go until you are through to the other side. Your story is important and is meant to be seen and heard. The author of your story believes in what has been written about YOU. And has given you the COURAGE to BELIEVE!!!

You are a person of COURAGE!!! And with COURAGE you will GO!!! HOPE WINS!!!

"Live Above The Sun!"


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