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Silver & Gold...Or Crypto?!

(Inspired, paraphrased commentary and musings by Boston C! From Tom Luongo Blog.)

Wrong question.

Own both with different intent! Physical silver and gold for savings and insurance, cryptos for investment in a new money energy system and for growing wealth. There is room for both assets as stores of value for different types of investors and savers. Taking an either-or approach is not wise and light-minded.

It’s all a matter of risk.

Gold/Silver-only bugs are entangled with envy as they miss an enormous opportunity for wealth creation! Bitcoin and gold are beginning to get into phase with each other. Gold double bottomed recently, and Bitcoin is building a new base. Consolidation takes time and requires patient diligence. Although not used as money, gold is still king by which all store-of-value assets are judged.

Is crypto a tulip bubble? Doge coin?

Having a zero frame of reference for what’s really going on out there is really a poor choice. Rejecting outright, something outside of one’s experience, is not a beneficial desired outcome.

Institutions are now bowing to Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s strength and the demand for both assets. Keeping up with the speed of adoption and seemingly never-ending release of new investment digital asset opportunities is mind blowing.

Who thinks sagging gold prices means Central banks have things in order? So, inflation isn’t happening, and the recovery is just around the corner is that right? How’s the jobs report look? I thought I read somewhere April’s gains were nearly wiped clean after revisions from the prior two months.

Gold is up, up, up, and away!

The dollar money printing backed by nothing is at full steam ahead and citizens are being paid to stay at home and not work. Rent-free living in someone else’s house protected from eviction is that wise charity? Why work? Get paid nearly as much and stay home! Really?

We are living in a garbage in and garbage out economy. Gold/Silver and crypto’s are leaving current asset prices in the rearview mirror and pursuing new all-time highs!

The big idea is that silver/gold bugs and crypto maximalist are both right! Both are safe havens from Central banks and governments always looking to change economic rules to their advantage, at your expense.


Boston C, Up and Away!

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