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The Con Job Of The Century?

(Paraphasing, commentary and musings from Boston C! Curated and inspired from a ZeroHedge article by Tyler Durden and Authored by Laurie Calhoun via The Libertarian Institute

"Over the course of the past century, a number of truly awe-inspiring heists have been carried out by con artists, whose modus operandi is to exploit human frailties such as credulity, insecurity and greed. Con is short for confidence, for the con artist must first gain the trust of his targets, after which he persuades them to hand their money over to him. A con job differs from a moral transaction between two willing, fully informed trading partners because one of the partners is deceived, and deception constitutes a form of coercion. In other words, the person being swindled is not really free. If he knew what was really going on, he would never agree to invest in the scheme."

"The "Ponzi scheme" was named after Charles Ponzi, who in the 1920s persuaded investors to believe that he was generating impressive profits by buying international reply coupons (IRCs) at low prices abroad and redeeming them in the United States at higher rates, the fluctuating currency market being the secret to his seemingly savvy success. In reality, Ponzi used his low-level investors' money to pay off earlier investors, support himself, and expand his business by luring more and more investors in."

"Perhaps, some of the early investors in such gambits, who are paid as promised, suppress whatever doubts may creep up in their minds as they bask in the splendor of their newfound wealth. But even those who begin consciously to grasp what is going on may turn a blind eye as the scheme grows to engulf investors who will be fleeced, having been persuaded to participate not only by the smooth-talking con artist, but also by the reported profits of previous investors. Eventually, the house of cards collapses, revealing the incredible but undeniable truth: there never were any investments at all. No trading ever took place, and all of the company’s transactions were either deposits or withdrawals of gullible investors’ cash."

"Before a con artist is unmasked, nearly everyone involved plays along, either because they stand to gain, or because they truly believe. Sometimes the implications of being wrong are simply too devastating to admit, and these same psychological dynamics operate in many other realms where most people would never suspect anything like a Ponzi scheme."

"For example, the continuous siphoning of U.S. citizens’ income to pay for military interventions constitutes a form of Ponzi scheme as well as money printing backed by I.O.U. nothings. Even in the face of mounds of evidence, most people prefer to cling to the official stories that war and a credit/debt money system is necessary and just."

"What is at stake now is citizens are being stripped of their right to make decisions about how to lead their very own lives and are being fleeced far worse than the victims of the most mercenary Ponzi scheme, paying tribute with their freedom, finances, and future enslavement."

Boston C! says un-wind from the system! Think and live Above The Sun. Take your gifts and talents and trade into generosity, so that, you may dwell in the land of abundant living!

Not financial advice, but I'm trading into relationships, buying silver, gold and cryptos!

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