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  • Gimel's Gate: The Power of our words: thoughts, intents, and actions

  • The Power of Consensus 

  • Snoopy Scoop - Imagine your Head Brain

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

The Power of our words! We have talked about Our Words Matter in Gimel's post before. Del Hungerford has some great insights on her Blog about Thoughts, Intents, Action!  Her focus is that we need to be aware of what is coming within us on a daily basis. She mentions as you allow your thoughts to form you then begin to frame them up. Just as a house is the frame work that goes up first, we ourselves are always framing up things in our thoughts and intentions then putting it into action. It begins with the intent of the blueprint drawn out in ideas.

Del says " The action is the actual motion of putting the intent into reality. All of these thoughts, intents, words, and motions all have a resonate frequency. This is a law of quantum physics. When we become aware of the law or intent, we can 'intend' to put more weight into the law."

"The problem is that we don't realize the power we have in our words. When we don't realize the power of our words we flippantly say things that cause arm to us. Like when  we are angry and we spout out hurtful negative words. When words are spoken to us in a negative frequency we must learn that we can overpower them with positive resonate frequency words." I personally like to them declare what the word of Yahweh says about who I am in him. Yes! We need to realize that as Del says " we actually harm ourselves when we say these hurtful things because they are coming from a place out of our own thoughts, intents, and actions.

One last thing for today!  The three words we have talked about today become a bench of three. Del says "A bench of three (Thoughts, intents, and words) has a government ruling over our lives." In numerology three often represents government." When our thoughts line up with our intents that line up with our words (or could be actions) they form a government over us. This goes both ways - good and bad. What frequencies we sow are the frequencies we will then reap."

Go check out Del Hungerford at and all that she has to offer from blogs, to books, and music. Your will be blessed!

Pay Attention Our Words Matter and are Powerful!  Blessings 

The Power of Consensus

by πd Piper

When a transaction is made, all nodes on the network verify that it is valid on the blockchain, and if so, they have a consensus. Verification is obtained when 51% of the nodes agree on the next state of the blockchain.

The process by which a consensus is made is called a consensus mechanism, sometimes called a consensus protocols or algorithms. These mechanisms are governed by rules that serve to help the network to work efficiently and provide security.

Although there are many different consensus mechanisms in use, the two most common are the proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS).

For PoW, block creation is done through miners, nodes who compete—racing against each other and time to solve math puzzles. A miner who solves the puzzle first and gets his or her block added to the chain. And once the block gets validated by a node majority, the miner gets rewarded with newly minted coins.

In a PoS consensus mechanism, the validators stake ETH to participated in the network. Random validators are chosen to create new blocks, share them with the network and get rewarded. Security is provided by the consensus reporting malicious behavior on the network. Offending validators get their ETH slashed (or burned) for bad behavior. 

In both examples above, the validators provide the consensus of that keeps the blockchain growing and secure.

Here’s a short, but great video, Understanding Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms that talks consensus mechanisms further.

For further explanations and other examples of blockchain consensus mechanisms go here.

Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Imagine your Head Brain! Last time I shared that I am learning how to function and imagine how my four brains operate and how the head brain, heart brain, belly brain and body brain are all interconnected. The head brain to me is where my soul gateways function. My conscience, reason, mind, including the sub-conscience and un-conscience mind, as well as your imagination, emotion, will and choice all live together in that head brain space. Take your imagination this week and muse on that! One golden nugget at a time! Up and away!

  • Counsel of sententia - "As a Spirit being, learn to see your Soul and Body as separate. Engage with, love them individually, and desire all three to be of one sound mind" ~ Boston C!

"Live Above The Sun!"


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