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The Rise of Cryptos


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(Paraphrased excerpt, commentary and musings by Boston C! from an article by Judy Shelton)


Does it make sense for a nation founded on individual liberty, equality under the law, and personal property rights, to allow that government agency to manipulate the value of the currency used by its citizens? Would it be better to have a sound monetary base to facilitate free-market outcomes, rather than empower the corrupt Federal? Reserve to pervert interest rates and debase dollars in the service of government policy?

The rise of cryptocurrencies is simply being fueled by the necessity to decentralize Global finance.  The need to turn to a new sound money system — in radical defiance to the central bank's corruption that feeds corrupt big investors, big business, and big government.

The bozo Fed is complicit with a progressive agenda that enlists the nation’s central bank in efforts to focus on climate change, or systematic racism, and they think these problems are found in purchases of Treasury debt and government-backed mortgage securities?

Here is a suggestion for all citizens...

Let's start wondering what it means for our own financial well-being and our individual prospects for the future and let us start imagining it. 

Not financial advice... I'm buying silver and gold and cryptos!

Trade into, subscribe and journey with us!

Boston C, Up and Away!

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