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Welcome back to Hump Day with Gimel!

Gimel with the camel blanket of many colors!

The Hebraic letter Gimel has an abundance of supply for all your needs. To draw from that supply, you may need to check and change your perspective and your perception. I like to use both words even though they can seem to be the same, because to me, perception is more about understanding and the interpretation of something, and perspective is more about the attitude regarding something. You can shift and change any wrong understanding and interpretation that can lead you to having a bad attitude that flows over into making the wrong financial investments. Attitude is an emotion. Most financial investments have to be made apart from any emotion.

Is your perspective and your perception leading you to financial gain on your financial journey? If not, have you checked to see if your perspective and perception lines up with any spiritual keys? 

What are you thinking about in your thought process? Do you think and speak in positivity or negativity? 

What you speak you create! 

The Law of Attraction says what you focus on you will attract. Positive thoughts bring positive results, and negative thoughts bring negative results. This may be a law, but it is also a spiritual Key! It's time to shift. It's a paradigm shift for financial gain in your finances and investments.

Do you know about spiritual keys? We can draw from Gimel's supply where Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and many more are available. Yep, these are all spiritual keys. Using the keys opens up the DOOR for abundance and freedom. You get set up - set up for success!

Have you ever had an "I wish I would have," or "if I had only," or "I could have," or an "if only I..." moment? This is about the times you didn't go with the feeling in your gut to do something. This is intuition entangled with discernment. Intuition is more about perception based on the gut feeling, while discernment is based on knowledge and understanding about the gut feeling. 

You can be aware and practice recognizing those feelings, and get an abundance of supply from the kingdom. This is our inheritance, now! As you practice these concepts and draw from Knowledge, Understanding. and everything else you may get discernment and intuition from, you will have an increase in Wisdom and in your financial and investment decisions. We have the freedom to do this.

This, my friend, is taking a quantum leap! We will be limitless when we see the perspective from living above the sun.

Do you need help? ATSTT is here to help you to have the correct perspective and perception. By using these spiritual keys, the supply of Gimel may flow and bring the increase to your financial journey. Oh yes, that's freedom! There are relationships at this community table. We are a team; we are a relational community. We are a common-unity; we are a relational community coming together as one!

"Changing your perspective is easier with the help of a community that flows in the frequency of relationships." - Tina Deemes

"I am your servant, give me discernment that I may understand more of your ways." Psalms 119:125

"Engage the limitless supply!" 

Mississippi Sound

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