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What Separates Bitcoin and Ethereum From All Other Crypto Asset?!

(Paraphrased, condensed commentary and musings from Boston C! curated from The Daily Hodl quoting Raoul Pal.

Here’s What Separates Bitcoin & Ethereum From All Other...

"Former Goldman Sachs executive and current Real Vision Group CEO Raoul Pal says that Bitcoin and Ethereum are distinct from the rest of the crypto markets due to two fundamental features."
" 'Does the project have provable network effects? Or might it have future network effects?' - Raoul Pal"
"BTC and especially ETH have both. ETH is growing exponentially. Others – remain yet uncertain according to Pal."

Incidentally, Boston C! agrees with Raoul! So, what is a network effect anyway?

"Network effect is a mystery where an asset or a service becomes more valuable as more people use it. Pal has previously said that the crypto space is almost purely driven by network effects, causing the industry to explode at an extraordinary rate."
“It’s astonishing, the network effect. And we’re bringing in the institutions, and they’re spreading into Ethereum, and everyone else is building products. It’s coming at us at lightning speed, and I don’t think the space can catch up with the narrative change that is happening so fast. ” - Raoul Pal

Boston C! always says, do the research and never invest anymore than you can afford to lose. Of course, this is not financial advice. However, Boston C! has the majority of his families crypto portfolio allocated into BTC and ETH because of the networks effects energetic power.

I believe every portfolio should have a BTC/ETH base foundation due to the utility and function of both assets.

"Pal, by the way, also highlights the metrics that he uses to quantify the network effect of a crypto asset. Active wallets plus number of applications built on it with their adoption too. ETH is far ahead. 'The macro analyst remains bullish on the crypto markets at large and believes that the nascent industry will trigger one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history.' "

Boston C! absolutely and totally agrees! 

Sound money is returning. I'd consider de-adopting the corrupt fiat money system. We are to protect, preserve and grow our families wealth. You are your own bank so start thinking it and making it happen!

Not financial advice, but I'm trading into relationships, buying silver, gold and cryptos!

Trade into, subscribe and journey with us!

Boston C! Up and away!

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