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  • Gimel's Gate: Realigning our Spiritual Rhythms

  • Snoopy Scoop - Your Body Brain the Watcher!

Gimel's Gate!

by Mississippi Sound 

We are continuing from the last post about the enemy counterfeiting our time and interfering with our relationship with Yahweh. I would like us to think about our addiction to distractions and build a little more on these modern technology addictions that make us feel so smart!

Matthew Sleeth wrote "We are a hydroponic society fed by the drip irrigation of electronic social networks." Well ok, we can't disagree with that!

We have made a lot of progress in modern technology. Just think about all the apps you have on your smartphone, or your smartwatch. We go to do something unrelated to these gadgets and then the next thing you know, you're on the phone checking the weather, or your bank account; you're buying some crypto on your cryptocurrency wallets, or checking your social media platforms.

Sometimes, one app leads to the next app. Then you look at the phone and realize you've spent way more time on it than you planned. Well, it may be different if we got caught up on the Bible app right?!

The point is, we are so easily distracted and addicted to all our "things."

It's not just our smart phones or watches but smart TV's as well. Wow! Now, just how many apps, channels or networks do you have on yours?

Let's keep going, what about the gamers? Who can say they aren't gamers these days? What about games on the smartphone? Well, you get the point. One thing leads to the next, and then there's yet another!

Research shows we check our phones 150 times a day, that's every 6 minutes.. This is only a drop in the bucket with all the things that can distract us. I'll let you look within yourself and make a list about what distracting addictions you think that you may have.

The point I am getting to is--what are we addicted to, and what is distracting us from experiencing Yahweh.

In the last post we talked about Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." We see that Yahweh is the one who gives rest. We have to go to Yahweh and enter into that rest. Are we paying attention to his voice and heartbeat so we can have sweet rest in our body, soul, and spirit?

Brady Boyd has this great book called Addicted to Busy, Recovery for the rushed soul. I highly recommend it for a great read. He says, "Restfulness is tethered to the state of our soul." He explains "A healthy steady heart, daily and yearly steady rhythms are critical for maintaining our good health." Our soul requires rhythm as well. Dr. Christine Sine confirmed this when he wrote "Don't be unaware that spiritual rhythms are just as critical to our health and well being."

Brady Boyd says "We don't hear the underlying whisper of God's heartbeat, most likely because we always have our earbuds in our ears. So when we hear God whisper to us to come, we don't respond. Yahweh may even whisper for us to lay your burdens down, my children and walk with me and you will walk without burdens, but again we don't respond." I can see many reasons why we don't respond. We are so distracted and addicted to too many things.

We need to lift our eyes and realign ourselves with the one true source of provisioned peace that comes from Jehovah Jireh. My prayer today is that we all slow down, stop procrastinating, and realign our hearts beat with Father's heartbeat and voice, and establish a restfulness he offers for our soul, body, and mind.


Snoopy Scoop!

by Boston C!

  • Your Body Brain the Watcher! Last time, I mused around my belly brain being where my "Intuition" hangs out and is that "gut feeling" that gives direction. The Body brain entangles with all other brains and is a receiver and transmitter of energy. It is the light house for frequencies coming in, and your walled city when using intention to send frequencies out. Your body brain is encased in the "Armor of light" and as a Watcher you are always operating with supernatural powers! Believe all things and know that your four brains is a government of authority that sits inside your city. You are powerful and unstoppable! Up and away!

  • Counsel of sententia - "No fear anywhere, everytime, anytime, everywhere!" ~ Boston C!

  • "Miraculous" All 21 Passengers Walk Away From Fiery Private Jet Crash Outside Houston: Boston C! says, "Imagine that". Take a short snoop and learn more.

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