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Live Above The Sun!

Predisposition versus Destiny

The Trade That Started It All!

Freedom, Peace, Joy and The Impact of Thoughts

Synergism Is Above-The-Sun Technology

Did You Know Your Relationships Define Your Community?

Overcoming Power, Nothing to Fear, Do It Again God!

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You Have The Courage To Believe It All

Raising the Frequency & ATS Project Updates

The Frequency of Love and Crypto

The Brain is what the Mind does!

Choices Are REAL!

BREAKING: Your "Now" has been hijacked!

ATSTT Teams Top 10 Crypto Tools

Growing Above The Sun In 2022!

Presearch: Earning Crypto on The Cheap!

What is a Metaverse, Again?

Courting Crypto and The Hebraic month of Kislev

Planet X, My first crush, and NFT's

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Crypto: How Much Gold Is There In The World?

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6 Things That Happened In Crypto This Past Week!

Your Body Brain the Watcher!

Slowing Down in a Faster World

Your Heart Brain rules over all other brains!

Imagine your Head Brain!

The Mandate of Heaven

A Butterfly has flapped its wings

Now They've Crossed The Line

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Above The Sun Trading Tables

Whoa! China Will Back Their Country's Digital Yuan With Gold

Wednesday with Gimel

Boston C!'s Snoopy Scoop!

Cryptocabulary of Week: Satoshi

Wednesday with Gimel


Cryptocabulary of the Week: A to Z in 30 Seconds

Wednesday with Gimel

What's bigger than Climate Change and COVID-19 combined?!

Wednesday with Gimel!

The HODLed Mass!

Wednesday With Gimel - From Stress to Rest

What do hash browns and cryptocurrency have in common?

Hump day with Gimel

Software is Eating Money

Hump Day with Gimel

The Dollar's Final Crash

What's in your wallet?

Hump Day With Gimel: Unlock Your Imagination

What Separates Bitcoin and Ethereum From All Other Crypto Asset?!

Gaming, Chatting, Streaming...Oh My!

Hump Day with Gimel

The Con Job Of The Century?

Hump Day with Gimel


What's this Baby Run On?!

Welcome back to Hump Day with Gimel!

Will the U.S. Government Confiscate Gold Again?!

Ethereum's Challenges

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Let Me Introduce You To Wednesday Hump Day With Gimel!

How Ethereum Makes Money

The Excel of Blockchains

Never Fart Twice!

Ethereum's Use Case Explosion

Announcing Trading Tables LIVE!

Bitcoin was Used In A Crime...Blah, blah, blah...

The Rise of Cryptos

Crypto newsflash from Boston C!

Dueling Bias!

Riding The Future Digital Payment Rails


Why Did We Ever Ditch the Gold Standard?!


I'm Not Selling!!!

Silver & Gold...Or Crypto?!

Intution's Cobra Effect

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